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SSIDService Set Identifier (802.11b)
SSIDSite Spill Identifier
SSIDSubsystem Identifier
SSIDSupplemental Security Income Display
SSIDService Set Identifier
SSIDService Set Identification (IEEE 802.11 wireless networks)
SSIDStatewide Student Identifier (California)
SSIDSecure Set Identifier (32-character unique identifier)
SSIDSolid State Interdiffusion
SSIDSocial Science Information and Documentation (Helsinki)
SSIDSigns, Symptoms and Ill-Defined (medical conditions)
SSIDStandard Simulation Interface Design
SSIDSave Set Identifier
SSIDSupplemental Structural Integrity Document (Canadian Airworthiness Manual)
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If a WiFi device SSID read "attwifi," it was valid, they let their guard down, and didn't protect against the dangers to the cars in real-life situations.
Since neither the SSID or preshared key of the access point can be set by the framework (both are automatically and randomly generated), they must somehow be given to the devices which are to connect to the soft access point.
CASSIDY SSIDY SSID May Sad are the hearts that loved you, sad are the tears that fall.
This partnership expands TWC's network to more than 100 new locations using the Boingo Hotspot network name (SSID).
Now, if you use consumer-grade products, six access points will give you six totally independent SSIDs. (The SSID essentially is the connection point to the wireless network.)
Some 15 local non-governmental organizations, such as the Center for Promotion and Human Solidarity (CEPROSH) and Dominican Churches for Social Services (SSID) and community health promoters will participate in the distribution of these foods.
4/5 White Moulded Bra, PS6, Lace Briefs, PS2.50, George @ Asda Support: Wide Ssid under side bands and underwiring for maximum support 5/5 Comfort: Comfortable close fit 4/5 Style: Subtle padding creates great shape under clothes 4/5 Value: Great value for money - we can't believe it!
Consumer Connect features an intuitive Web interface that quickly discovers residential gateway Wi-Fi settings and arms your service agents with the information needed to resolve password or SSID settings issues quickly.
Create a new Wi-Fi SSID, or re-use a "guest" SSID, which will be a subnet in an outbound DMZ, the middle ground between an organization's trusted internal network and an untrusted, external network.
Apres une presentation de differents modeles d'etats democratiques plurilingues dans le monde expose par Abdeslam Khalafi, chercheur dans le domaine amazighe, une analyse du contexte politique et social marocain a ete decrite par Ahmed ssid, de l'Observatoire Amazigh des droits et libertes, mettant en relief tous les chantiers d'intervention pour la langue amazighe officielle (education, medias, institutions publiques...) et insistant sur le fait que l'Amazighite n'est pas seulement une langue mais aussi une culture porteuse de valeurs universelles telle que la tolerance, le vivre ensemble et la solidarite.
Let's start with SSID, it's not a slurred punk rock name.