SSIESystems Science and Industrial Engineering (Binghamton University; New York)
SSIESmithsonian Science Information Exchange
SSIEService Social Inter-Entreprises (Swiss social services association)
SSIESecurity Services Information Element
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This process is mastered at SSIE <<Zirconium>>, where in the EDP-07 furnace the billets, produced by calcium-thermal reduction, are remelted into ingots of up to 230 mm diameter [8].
SSIE sold its first DICOM OsteoGram system to a prominent hospital in Zhejiang Province for integration with a major manufacturer's computed radiography (CR) platform.
SSIE maintains a competitive expense advantage derived from its direct distribution system and strict underwriting and loss control guidelines.
Pyrethroid-synergist mixtures: toxicity, resistance, and field efficacy toward pyrethroid-resistant horn ssies (Diptera: Muscidae).
THE peerless Tony Bennett Bennett T SSies over this autumn, for a tour that winds up at Birmingham's Symphony Hall on ursday September 11.
ssies have will not The Aussies have said they will not Test or play a Test series or Four Nations, and so a a possible tour to New Zealand or games against the likes of Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Samoa are alternatives.