SSIFStorage Security Industry Forum (Storage Networking Industry Association)
SSIFSocial Sciences In Forestry (database)
SSIFState Self Insurance Fund (Kansas)
SSIFStainless Steel in Fire
SSIFSpace Station Integration Facility
SSIFSACDIN System Integration Facility
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The clients of SSIF Carpatica Invest will have access to international markets through Deltastock's proprietary trading platform - Delta Trading, which assures a professional, safe and comfortable trading environment.
Ensour stressed on the importance of the independence of investment decisions of the SSIF, to achieve its goals within a general perspective, thus contributing to economic development at all levels in order to preserve the fund's subscribers' money.
In his role, Semple will be responsible for driving the continuing education activities of the SSIF in the greater SNIA community and to the IT community at large.
I look forward to working with the SSIF Board to lead a successful agenda," said Gordon Arnold, SSIF Governing Board Chair, "including communicating SNIA and SSIF member expertise in data/information security and driving new opportunities to enhance security in the storage industry through education and best practices development.
As storage area networks scale in size and reach, end users unknowingly open up their data center to more vulnerabilities and threats more than they may have fully understood to date," stated Mike Alvarado, chair, SNIA SSIF.
Serono Symposia International Foundation (SSIF) announces the winner of the SSIF 2013 Award in oncology .
The SSIF was established to provide financial assistance to Saskatchewan communities to create innovative ways to address their literacy needs and provide programming in both family and adult/workplace literacy.
A session of the SSIF conference will be dedicated entirely to the many aspects of this disease and its treatment.
SSIF, with Dubai International Capital, is leading stakeholder in Jordan Dubai Capital.
Cryptsoft is also an OASIS Sponsor, and SNIA and SSIF Voting Member.
The aim of the SSIF conference is to review the state of the art in the field of cognition in MS and provide participants with new insight on significant aspects of cognitive dysfunction in MS patients, such as: affective and emotional problems; cognitive reserve; new techniques of MRI and clinical assessment tools.