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SSIISociete de Services et d'Ingenierie Informatique
SSIIService Sector Innovation Index (EU)
SSIIScenario Systems International, Inc. (Chicago, IL)
SSIISuper Scout II (truck model)
SSIISpecial Serial Input Interface
SSIISuitability and Security Investigations Index
SSIIScientific Software International, Inc. (est. 1972; Lincolnwood, IL)
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DG SSII Dr Shireen M Mazari introduced the workshop with a brief overview of the world order in the post Cold War era.
like JSSII maybe doing something and SSII, it's their library time".
? naana ssii. Relative clause from a genitival complement (cf.
The ssI and ssII, long and filmy with fluted surfaces, occurred on the scape, pedicel and funicular flagellum.
The SSII, led by the Cambridge Programme for Industry and chaired by Lloyds TSB, is developing a tool which will include guidance for suppliers on how to manage and calculate supply chain carbon emissions, and save them time by giving practical tips on how to answer environmental sections in their customers' procurement questionnaires.
Hoffmann-La Roche RO Individual Schering AG Sch Pool Schering AG Sch Individual Gene expression analysis site cDNA IVT Boehringer-Ingelheim SSII, Invitrogen Enzo-Affymetrix Pharmaceuticals Novartis Pharma AG SSII, Invitrogen Enzo-Affymetrix Pfizer Inc SSII, Invitrogen Enzo-Affymetrix F.
Dufaux, who is also president of the French trade association for IT services, the Chambre Syndicale des SSII, questions whether the spate of acquisitions really is a French phenomenon, arguing that "we see acquisitions all over the place, every day." Nonetheless, he does recognize, as does the president of Sema, Pierre Bonelli, that consolidation is coming in the sector.
Over the past year the Health Quality & Safety Commission's infection prevention and control programme team has facilitated the implementation of a preoperative anti-staphylococcal bundle within the Surgical Site Infection Improvement (SSII) Programme.