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SSIMStandard Schedules Information Manual (IATA)
SSIMService de Sécurité Incendie de Montréal (Montreal's Fire Prevention Service)
SSIMStructural Similarity Index
SSIMSpacecraft Simulator (NASA)
SSIMSouth Sudan Independent Movement
SSIMStatistical, Sampling Inventory Method
SSIMSecret Sauce Intake Manifold
SSIMSymantec Security Information Manager (software)
SSIMSandy Springs Internal Medicine (est. 1954; Atlanta, GA)
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For analysing these enablers in developing the SSIM, the following fours symbols have been used:
Finally, to convert the SSIM into the binary reachability matrix with the dependence and enabling power all V, A and X is replaced by a digit 1 and O by 0 (zero).
Ever since Riek Machar, leader of the SSIM, signed the peace treaty with the Khartoum government the situation has worsened.
Timothy Tutlam, secretary general of relief operations for the SSIM, says: "That peace accord doesn't mean that there is peace and that the SSIM has given up the struggle for independence and self-determination of South Sudan.
The equation for SSIM can be simplified by putting [alpha] = [beta] = [gamma] = 1.
In practice, SSIM is calculated for local windows as per equation (7) and the mean of SSIM (MSSIM) is used as the single overall quality measure.
SSIM also helps companies meet regulatory log archiving requirements with a single solution.
The fact that FairWarning[R] now seamlessly feeds SSIM with potential privacy incidents will enable us to rapidly research all aspects of a possible incident which both mitigates potential damages and deters privacy incidents from ever happening.
The SSIM lab has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of faculty experts, outside institutions and corporate partners who collaborate closely on a multitude of projects.
Two years later SSIM splintered and KPA began to collapse.
Of cause, Nasir group, SPLM United, SSIM and so many others are living examples of war against the north.