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SSIMStandard Schedules Information Manual (IATA)
SSIMService de Sécurité Incendie de Montréal (Montreal's Fire Prevention Service)
SSIMStructural Similarity Index
SSIMSpacecraft Simulator (NASA)
SSIMSouth Sudan Independent Movement
SSIMStatistical, Sampling Inventory Method
SSIMSecret Sauce Intake Manifold
SSIMSymantec Security Information Manager (software)
SSIMSandy Springs Internal Medicine (est. 1954; Atlanta, GA)
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Perceptual-based models range from simple, like SSIM, to very complex, like SSIMWave's SSIMPLUS metric, or Tektronix's Picture Quality Rating (PQR) and Attention-weighted Difference Mean Opinion Score (ADMOS).
Figure 3 displays the PSNR and SSIM for the reconstructed DWI dataset using the above methods.
FoM, SSIM, IQI, [beta], [rho], SNR, and PSNR values are highest in case of GWF filters in comparison to fuzzy and geometric-fuzzy filters.
Based on the previous two studies, items that were not loading on to one of the three subscales were removed, reducing the SSIM to 15 items measuring self-categorization, group self-esteem, and group commitment.
The Wiener Filter algorithm produces the highest SSIM value indicating that it generated best beamformed image.
La imperceptibilidad del algoritmo propuesto se evalua haciendo uso del PSNR y el SSIM propuesto en Wang et al.
For analysing these enablers in developing the SSIM, the following fours symbols have been used:
Technology employs data points such as SSIM files, global traffic demand estimates and equipment capacities.
The SSIM was subjected to analysis and resulted in a digraph which shows the relationships between the various factors and helps identify factors that play a more basic and fundamental role in influencing the IS quality.
In exchange, the government turns a blind eye when the SSIM plunders and steals and destabilizes the peace process in the south.
They calculated a target error based on the SSIM index and limited backlight dimming so that the target error in the image quality following pixel compensation is not exceeded.