SSIMSStatic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
SSIMSSilver Spring International Middle School (Silver Spring, MD)
SSIMSSafeguards and Security Information Management System (US DOE)
SSIMSStatic Secondary Ion Mass Spectra (biophysics)
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* Step 3 This step includes building up a structural self-interaction matrix (SSIM) of factors.
Two indexes, Peak signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Structure Similarity (SSIM), are suitable to measure the quality of the recovered host image, which are shown in Eqs.
Five metrics, including spatial resolution, normalized mean squared error (NMSE), peak signal-to-noise ratio (PSNR), contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR), and structure similarity (SSIM), were applied to assess the quality of the reconstructed images.
where [a.sub.n] and [b.sub.n] are the image content at the nth local window and SSIM evaluates local reconstruction errors by measuring the similarity between two images in a local window [34].
However, the effect of molecular orientation on SSIMS spectra of bulk polymers has not to our knowledge been reported.
In addition, the SSIMS data show that the concentration of carbamate and vinyl acetate groups have increased near the PVNAC-18 surfaces.
We used the SSIMS analysis to qualify and quantify the type of chemical species present at the surface of the profiles.
Static secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SSIMS), on the other hand, provides "fingerprint" characterization of molecular monolayers but lacks the quantitative and broader characterization aspects of ESCA> The complementary and synergistic use of SSIMS and ESCA can greatly enhance characterization of insulating surfaces.
The SSIMs produced by various scaling schemes are compared in Tables 3 and 4, and Fig.
(2) Resident, Department of Emergency Medicine, SSIMS, Davanagere.
From an analytical aspect, advances in electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA) and static secondaryion mass spectroscopy (SSIMS) have been responsible for improved characterization of the surface changes in plasma-treated materials (see accompanying box).
The values of PSNRs and Structure SIMilarities (SSIMs) against different pure payload values for the two schemes are provided in Table 6 and Table 7, respectively.