SSIPSystems, Signals and Image Processing (workshop)
SSIPSuperior Supplier Incentive Program (US Navy)
SSIPSeven Stars in Paradise (musical comedy)
SSIPSafety Schemes in Procurement (UK)
SSIPShuttle Student Involvement Program (NASA)
SSIPSavings and Stock Investment Plan
SSIPSensor System Improvement Program
SSIPSpace Science Student Involvement Program (now NSIP)
SSIPSupplemental Structural Inspection Program
SSIPSolvent-Separated Ion Pair
SSIPSystem Safety Implementation Plan
SSIPSouth Side Irish Parade
SSIPSite Specific Installation Permit
SSIPStazione Sperimentale Pelli (Italy)
SSIPSpeech Synthesis Interface Protocol (computer programming)
SSIPSensor Site Implementation Plan
SSIPSocial Sector Investment Programme (Trinidad & Tobago)
SSIPSimple Session Initiation Protocol.
SSIPShip Support Improvement Program/Project
SSIPSubmarine Sonar Improvement Project
SSIPSystem Setup Indicator Panel
SSIPSurrogate System Implementation Plan
SSIPSocial- og Specialpædagogik i Inkluderende Perspektiv (Danish: Social and Pedagogy in Inclusive Perspective)
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Testing innovative solutions through the SSIP provides a useful platform to do so, and we look forward to more collaboration with solutions providers to address safety and security challenges, and to serve the public better," said Mr Ng Yeow Boon, Senior Director of MHA's Ops-Tech Group.
In the previous subchapter, we have revealed how social-democratic SSIP relates to health and security sectors, and market-based SSIP, due to its radical-technological orientation,--to aerospace, pharmaceuticals, finance, etc.
The reversal of the hospital financing method and the failure to merge the CMSB and SSIP were seen less as TRT failures and more as greed on behalf of the urban middle class.
However, just as the Aries wraps up its SSIP upgrade, it enters another program that will bring it in line with the rest of the DOD's airborne SIGINT fleet.
In order to encourage contractors to improve site safety performance, the HASAS and SSIP scores are merged into the safety score in Contractors' Performance Assessment Scoring System and linked to the Integrated Pay for Safety, Environment and Hygiene Scheme - the higher the score, the better the remuneration," the spokesman added.
The REOSE Sunshower SSIP Model is located at 222 Harrison Avenue in the Lakeview Neighborhood of New Orleans, LA.
Conceived as a follow-on upgrade to the EP-3E Aires II program, the SSIP calls for the enhancement or improvement of the aircraft's communications and sensors suites under three initiatives known as Story Book, Story Teller and Story Classic.
SSIP works to encourage construction buyers to follow good and best practice when employing contractors.
The SSIP system is cost effective to construct and offers numerous energy-saving and environmental benefits.
Training for builders will include the use of OceanSafe's SSIP materials and systems as well as other leading construction products and techniques.
com)-- A duo of professors from Tulane University has won first place in a design contest for architecting plans for what they call a SunShower SSIP house.
Kinnard and Lin's project, "Sunshower SSIP House," "stood out as a house that was both attractive in appearance, but also smart and functional in terms of energy efficiency and ability to weather the toughest storms and conditions," said Joseph Basilice, President of Oceansafe.