SSIRStanford Social Innovation Review (journal)
SSIRSchool Status and Improvement Report (annual individual school report; Hawaii)
SSIRSupply System Inventory Report
SSIRSpace Station Integration Review
SSIRSpecial Security Investigation Required
SSIRSequence, Selection, Iteration, and Recursion
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Offering extraordinary repeatability in extreme pressure environments, the SSIR 937 Series Submersible LVDT Position Sensors can withstand deep sea environments with external pressures to 5000 psi.
Published at the Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society at Stanford University, SSIR views collaboration as key to solving environmental, social and economic justice issues.
SSIR also celebrates its fifth anniversary with a makeover.
sikardiostimulaatorid: SSIR 730 pieces (of which approximately 148 top-model, of which 80 have an MRI model and the 460 base model and 122 of the RF function of top model) and DDDR 2310 pieces (of about 1285~s top models, 230 MRI model and the 610 base model and 415 RF function the top model) and biventrikulaarne (CRT-P) with 180 pcs 105% needed for the electrodes;
Lot 1 Pacemaker unicameral SSI including remote control CIG 6037835310Lot 2 Pacemaker unicameral SSIR CIG 6037848DC7LOT 3 Pacemaker unicameral SSIR including remote control CIG 60378596DDLOT 4 Pacemaker Bicameral Monocat.
2 - Pacemakers SSIR and DDR memory IEGM advanced pacemakers SSIR long life, endocardial electrodes,
Featured in the premier issue of SSIR is an article by Stanford Law School faculty member Michael Klausner who argues that the "time value of money" argument for foundations to more quickly distribute their assets does not apply to foundations.
SSIR jednojamowy primary stimulator to one electrode and one Introducer
No itemsObject of the contractNumber of sets1Cardioverter defibrillator jednojamowy 35 J VR ICD electrode (with one electrode and one Introducer)352Cardioverter - defibrillator jednojamowy with extensive diagnostics 36J VR ICD electrode (the electrode and introducer)53Stimulator jednojamowy basic SSIR to one electrode and one Introducer404Dual chamber pacemaker advanced DDDR (with two electrodes and two introducerami)605Cardioverter - defibrillator dual chamber 35 J of electrodes - DR ICD advanced with higher energy (with two electrodes and two introducerami)10and lending programmer and analyzer for intraoperative implantation of stimulating devices, one for each position.
1 - Single chamber pacemakers for permanent pacing electrodes SSIR asic;
Supply of DDD Pacemakers, DDDR Standard Pacemakers, DDDR Advanced Pacemakers, DDDR Remote Pacemakers, SSIR Advanced Pacemakers, SSIR Remote Pacemakers, DDDR MRI Compatible Pacemakers, Leads & Accessories and Implantable Loop Recorders.