SSISIStatistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland
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Roy Geary, the Institute's first Director, had been a key figure in the Society all his life and hence the strong connection between the SSISI and the ESRI remained.
In Mary Daly's book on the history of the SSISI, she noted that the hiring of these foreign economists aroused hostile comment from Oliver J.
I would like to conclude by offering my sincere congratulations to all concerned in organizing today's event, from NISRA and the SSISI, and to say thanks to the authors for a most interesting paper.
When I asked the late Professor Patrick Lynch to identify the most significant contribution made by SSISI he answered without hesitation, that it provided a forum where senior civil servants could express their opinions and debate issues of practical concern with businessmen, trade unionists, academics and others, a debate that is captured in the Journal.
Coverage in the newspapers was also limited; indeed meetings of the SSISI provided a significant proportion of the informed copy on contemporary socio-economic questions.
The survival of the SSISI is of itself a matter of historical significance.
SSISI was one of few places where women could present papers, and debate social questions on equal terms with men in nineteenth century Ireland.
In some way my presence here is an illustration of the catholicity of the extraordinary body that is the SSISI.
Barry Rafferty, Denis Tkachenko and Laura Weymes also helped in a major way with the editorial work while Patrick Doyle of Trinity library updated the SSISI website.