SSIVSub Sea Isolation Valve
SSIVSociété de Services Internet VEF
SSIVSubsea Safety Isolation Valve
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The rear plug was remotely operated to hydraulically set the seals and locks; once the barrier was proven, a reinstatement leak test of the newly installed SSIV was conducted by raising the pipeline pressure from the platform launcher to 158 bar against the leak-test plug.
The leak-test plug was then unset and the pipeline pressure equalized, allowing the plug train to be pigged through the newly installed SSIV back to the launcher on the Forties Charlie platform for recovery.
SSIV ya da aortik nipple siklikla arka-on gogus rontgenograminda aort topuzu boyunca uzanan bir yapi olup normalde %10 oraninda izlenir.
Yaklasik %75 vakada aksesuar hemiazigos venle SSIV arasinda kucuk bir baglanti olabilir ancak vakalarin sadece %1-2'sinde bu baglanti genis olup brakiosefalik vene acilma saglanabilir (5-7) (Sekil 3).
The SSIV installation was uneventful and the DSV demobilized ahead of schedule.
The SSIVs were to be fitted some 300 m from the bottom of the Leman AP riser in approximately 30 m of water.
The subsea structures covers pipeline termination structures (PTSs), SSIV structures, tee protection structures (TPSs) and drill centre manifolds.
Additionally, Technip would also supply subsea equipment including mid-water arch and flowline end termination for the project, that is situated at water depth ranging from 200m to 430m and foster would also involve in the readiness of 51km of umbilicals, five manifolds and seven SSIV subsea structures and associated flying leads.
The new actuator will operate an SSIV installed at a depth of 84 metres near to the Seth Platform, which, together with a check valve installed upstream of the ball valve, will prevent any gas backflow in the event of a pipeline or riser rupture in the proximity of the platform.