SSJDSisterhood of St. John the Divine (Canada)
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Says Gefvert's fellow SSJD sister, Sue Elwyn, "All of it is coming from a sense that the old church is really useful for certain people and not useful at all for many others.
Constance Joanna Gefvert say the new monastic program launched by the SSJD will be inspired by a less formal approach to spiritual community.
When asked what was rewarding about being an oblate with SSJD, she said that she has found that her commitment to prayer and service enriches her own spiritual life.
Becoming part of SSJD is just one of many ways of "heeding the call of God," she said.
Rolfe-Thomas will be the seventh reverend mother to serve the SSJD since it was founded in 1884.
Obviously, the hope was that some women would come through the program and join SSJD, but over time we saw that most of the participants just wanted to experience being in community for a month, learning to pray and learning the tools of discernment.
Even then, the SSJD journey takes at least six and a half years as a sister moves from postulant, to novice, first profession and finally, life profession.
SSJD was the first religious community for Anglican women in Canada, founded in 1884 by Hannah Grier Coome, a native of Carrying Place and Belleville, Ont.
when the lease expires this June, and move back to the SSJD convent in Toronto.
While at the SSJD, he served as the sisters' warden.
Elizabeth Ann became a member of SSJD and made her life vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in 1994.
STITCH IN TIME "The design and embroidery work of the passion flower' (in the chasuble, top) was done by our Sister Joanna, SSJD, for use in the St.