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SSKSSkånska Småstadens Kulturskola (Swedish cultural school)
SSKSSuper Secret Kickball Society
SSKSSuomen Sekarotuisten Koirien Seura (Finnish dog club)
SSKSSuomen Sairaanhoitajain Kristillinen Seura (Finnish: Finnish Nurses Christian Society)
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Furthermore, the Pakistani submarine threat would be accentuated, as SSKs are harder to detect in waters nearer land.
These boats are now being replaced, with the first of a planned four 'Type 209' class SSKs, being constructed by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), having been launched in December 2015.
These include two more Project 956 Sovremennyy-class DDGs, Type 52B DDG, Type 52C AEGIS-like DDG, Type 54 FFG, the brand new Yuan-class SSK diesel sub (to augment the advanced Kilo-class (Project 636) they purchased from the Russians), the Project 093 SSN nuclear attack sub, and the type 094 SSBN nuclear missile sub.
Transfer expenditures, excluding interest payments, are estimated to have declined by 0.4 per cent of GNP in 2000, mainly due to the early positive results of the social security reform on the rehabilitation of SSK financial accounts.
Other customers for the UMM include the Marina Militaire (Italian Navy) which has so equipped the first and second batch of its 'Todaro' class SSKs; the latter two boats to be delivered respectively in 2015 and 2016.
(8) The Chinese navy is also introducing into service large numbers of modern surface combatants armed with ASCMs, as well as AIP SSKs armed with ASCMs, torpedoes, and mines.
According to another recent report, Israel is said to be prepared to supply the ROC with three Gal-class SSKs as Israel updates its Navy with the far more capable German-designed Dolphin-class SSKs.
Under the 2009 strategic defence cooperation agreement between France and Brazil, DCNS signed detailed contracts for the construction by ICS (Itaguai Construcoes Navais), the joint-venture between DCNS and Odebrecht in Brazil, of four Scorpene SSKs where the French group acts as design authority and prime contractor while supplying selected items under a vast technology transfer programme, enabling the Brazilian Navy and defence industry to significantly contribute to the programme.
(30) Others have ventured that the Pakistani navy may attempt to miniaturize nuclear warheads and mate them to the Exocet and Harpoon cruise missiles already deployed on the Agosta-class SSKs or have suggested that the service's recently acquired P-3C Orions be armed with strategic weapons--that is, nuclearized LACMs.
(28) Under the terms of the SDP the navy has since received four MEKO A200SAN frigates, three Type 209/1400 submarines (SSKs), and four Westland Super Lynx maritime helicopters.