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The report is the latest study that proclaims F5 Networks as the market share leader in Japan's SSL VPN space.
The new Aventail Smart SSL VPN will be available mid-May, distributed via Aventail's more than 300 channel partners worldwide.
The SSL VPN market is expected to witness a huge boost since many remote workers communicate with their corporate headquarters from more than one location, says the analyst of this research service.
In addition to the booth and product demonstrations, company executives and industry analysts will deliver special presentations throughout the three days on the latest advancements in SSL VPN technology and products.
Until now, managing SSL traffic has proven difficult, but with the Netronome SSL Inspector, users can take advantage of a unique combination of capabilities that removes the risks arising from lack of visibility into SSL traffic while increasing the performance of security and network appliances, including:
We're proud to be a founding member of an organization that has achieved a major industry milestone by ensuring and enforcing high standards in SSL VPN security," said Dan Matte, Vice President of Product Marketing and Management at F5 Networks.
With the vision to "Secure Everything[TM]" through secure access from anywhere to anything, NeoAccel is delivering a breakthrough in simplified, full-access SSL VPN solutions.
Our Site2Site SSL VPN solution is generating significant interest," said Jim Greenway, Vice President of Marketing for Array Networks.
F5's BIG-IP family of products, which include IP Application Switches and appliances, are capable of handling both the intelligent management of traffic and SSL termination on a single integrated platform.
SSL plans to include a total of 32 worldwide commercial units in this new planning process.
NeoAccel's SSL VPN-Plus has made rapid success as a competitor in the SSL VPN market and going after the multi-billion dollar IPsec VPN replacement market," said Subbu Subramaniam, general partner at Baring Private Equity Partners.
Offering a superior choice for enterprises and service providers building high-performance, scaleable, and profitable IP networks, the BIG-IP 5000 is the first and only port dense Internet Traffic Management solution that offers (1) integrated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) at no extra charge to increase web server performance and ensure transaction security, (2) four times the processing power of any product in its class to deeply examine packets and intelligently direct traffic to the correct destination, (3) a centralized processing and switch fabric design for an "all-in-one" solution that reduces deployment costs and administration duties, and (4) an open API for seamless communication with all F5 products and any 3rd party application that supports F5's iControl.