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SSLCSecondary School Leaving Certificate
SSLCStaff Student Liaison Committee
SSLCStudent Staff Liaison Committee
SSLCState Supported Living Center (Texas)
SSLCStop Studying Learn Cooking
SSLCSelf-Sustaining Lunar Colony
SSLCSpecial Services Leisure Center
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Education of women--Among the women, 104 (52%) had studied up to SSLC.
This infers a narrowing of the curriculum focus and appears inconsistent with the SSLC philosophy of 'developing and embracing a positive sense of Aboriginal identity in schools'.
SSLC is about to acquire a new system for loan initiation and tracking that will apply payments automatically, identify closed loans easily, and encapsulate and remove to offline storage for retention the records associated with closed loans.
The distribution of the respondents on the basis of the educational qualification and their knowledge about the self help group products is presented in table 6 and it indicates that 56 respondents have completed undergraduates courses and 14 respondents studied up to the minimum qualification of SSLC.
The ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) schooling is affordable by the upper class Indians; CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Examination) is for students from families whose members serve in the defense services and central government agencies, and those generally in jobs that periodically require them to relocate to neighboring states; and, the SSLC (Secondary School Leaving Certificate) is for people from both the middle and lower class of the society.
The SSLC is also the testing center for the SAP Lighthouse Council assuring interoperability between SAP and MDUS vendors.
6 above Education Below SSLC 37 35 39 57 22 12 98 28 Above SSLC 69 65 29 43 159 88 257 72 Occupation Unemployed 76 71.
Majority of the mothers (94%) had received formal education with majority (49%) had education upto SSLC.
Last month, the SSLC results had attracted widespread criticism, both for the apparently liberal valuation that made almost everyone a winner, and the numerous mistakes that crept into the results, which necessitated multiple corrections of the results.
C Achutha Menon was the first-rank holder in SSLC from Thiru Kochi.