SSLFSpecialized Security-Limited Functionality (Windows; Microsoft, Inc.)
SSLFShared Server List Format
SSLFSaber Scorpion's Lair Forums (website)
SSLFSkin Surface Lipid Film (dermatology)
SSLFSimultaneous Saccharification and Lactic Acid Fermentation
SSLFStainless Steel Leukocyte Filter
SSLFService Station Licence Fee
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SSLF aims to reduce risks like these by helping to make swimming lessons accessible and effective for as many adults as possible.
The new SSLF grant will enable the Y to expand its programs for adult learners as well.
Mean hospital stay was 3 days in both groups and the occurrence of urinary retention was likewise similar (15% for SSLF and 11% for hysterectomy with ULS).
Nine women experienced buttock pain following SSLF hysteropexy, a known complication of this surgery.
In the previously published 2014 Barber and colleagues' OPTIMAL trial, (1,2) the efficacy of vaginal hysterectomy with either SSLF or USL was equivalent (63.
Fourth, in experienced hands, both ASC and SSLF produce a durable resolution of apical prolapse, although SSLF is less invasive and quicker to perform and may lead to a more rapid return to daily activities.
Largely at the initiative of DLF, a group supervised by the Swedish EAN committee, involving manufacturers, wholesalers and the retailers' trade association SSLF, was formed in the spring of 1988.