SSLMSouth Sudan Liberation Movement
SSLMSoft Seal Laryngeal Mask
SSLMSianjur Sagala Limbong Mulana (Indonesian settlement)
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SSLM is a new approach designed to address the fragmented way software, product and services are used to support Agile, dev-ops and ALM initiatives.
SSLM promotes an integrated and comprehensive approach that supports the software goals of an organisation.
The rotating vector is selected; we need to illustrate how the SSLM scheme uses such a vector.
Similar to the CSLM scheme, the SSLM is expressed as
We investigate a network characteristic which is related to the typical shortest path length in the SSLM.
In this paper, the notion of capacity in the SSLM has been introduced.
Seventeen subjects were randomized to the RLM followed by the SSLM and 18 to the reverse order.
Our results indicate that the mean OLP is higher with the SSLM compared to the RLM.
Thus far, the Company's production capacity for PERVIOtm has been increased through existing facilities at its Ohe Works in Niihama, Ehime, Japan and a new plant built at SSLM.
As Agile and DevOps reach further into the enterprise, SSLM establishes the need for tool and process convergence, and building a unified, integrated strategy.
Riek then split from Akol to form the South Sudan Independence Movement (SSIM), which became the SSLM.
When the SSLMs are coloured blue the aim is to stimulate melanopsin - a pigment found in cells in the eye's retina which send nerve impulses to parts of the brain thought to make a person feel alert.