SSLMSouth Sudan Liberation Movement
SSLMSoft Seal Laryngeal Mask
SSLMSianjur Sagala Limbong Mulana (Indonesian settlement)
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We investigate a network characteristic which is related to the typical shortest path length in the SSLM.
In this paper, the notion of capacity in the SSLM has been introduced.
Seventeen subjects were randomized to the RLM followed by the SSLM and 18 to the reverse order.
Our results indicate that the mean OLP is higher with the SSLM compared to the RLM.
Their cuffs are similar in shape but the RLM has a silicone cuff whereas the SSLM cuff is polyvinylchloride.
A previous comparison of the RLM with a different disposable LMA, the LMA-Unique[TM] found no difference in OLP(7) and the same group recently reported no difference in OLP between the LMA-Unique[TM] and the SSLM (8).
All LMA insertions were performed by one of two experienced anaesthetists, however their prior experience with the SSLM was minimal and this could have affected their ability to correctly place the SSLM.
When the SSLMs are coloured blue the aim is to stimulate melanopsin - a pigment found in cells in the eye's retina which send nerve impulses to parts of the brain thought to make a person feel alert.