SSLNSum-Of-Subsets-Less Notation
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It's hard not to conclude that the SNP's decision to stop the SSLN survey is motivated by the fact that it exposes failings on their part - and that they're fearful of what the next ones might show.
Combine the SSLN findings with the PISA results and a clear picture emerges - on the SNP's watch, overall standards in Scottish education have dropped and pupils from the mostdeprived areas are the ones suffering the most.
SSLN data certainly suggests that the gap between the most-deprived and leastdeprived children is, at best, not being closed.
Some of this may be a reflection of obvious flaws in the SSLN assessment itself but there is no question that the gap between rich and poor is as glaring as ever.
Responding to the issues raised by the SSLN, John Swinney claimed that the problems have come about because teachers haven't had sufficient "clarity" about the importance of literacy and numeracy as "the absolute foundations for life".