SSLRSerum Sickness-Like Reaction
SSLRStratum Specific Likelihood Ratio (psychiatry)
SSLRSpeed Screen Latency Reduction
SSLRShort Subject Line Rant (internet slang)
SSLRSurvey Settlement and Land Records (India)
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In contrast, SSLR is not associated with circulating immune complexes or hypocomplementemia.
The lesions quickly evolve to the classic purpuric lesions of SSLR over the following 24-48 hours.
1112) SSLR also has been described in association with immunizations (hepatitis B, tetanus, and rabies) and active infections with hepatitis B or C.
The diagnosis of SSLR is primarily clinical, formulated based on the constellation of characteristic lesions, fever, adenopathy, facial edema, and/or arthralgia in conjunction with recent history (within 7-21 days) of offending medications or agents.
An extensive variety of cutaneous conditions bearing a resemblance to SSLR were considered in the differential, including urticaria multiforme, Kawasaki disease, erythema multiforme, and urticarial vasculitis.
Urticarial vasculitis (UV), morphologically similar to SSLR and UM, causes persistent urticarial-like plaques that last longer than 24-48 hours and resolve with bruising.
Patients may have mucosal involvement with vesicles and erosions, compared with patients with SSLR in whom mucosal lesions are rarely seen.
Other disorders commonly presenting with similar extracutaneous manifestations to SSLR and concomitant dermatitis were further excluded based on the morphological appearance of the lesions and other clinical dissimilarities.
In the meantime, SSLR is actively developing major projects using today's technology.
companies seeking to implement sizeable domestic solar projects using stimulus grants, SSLR will be able to expand its domestic operational footprint.
Existing solar companies, such as SSLR, will be able to profit from assisting in the achievement of these goals.
We expect companies like SSLR, which are developing new alternative energy resources, to help lead America out of this recession," concluded Austin.