SSLRSerum Sickness-Like Reaction
SSLRStratum Specific Likelihood Ratio (psychiatry)
SSLRSpeed Screen Latency Reduction
SSLRShort Subject Line Rant (internet slang)
SSLRSurvey Settlement and Land Records (India)
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In addition, SSLR can expand the efficiency of its new lighting options with solar power panels on each light.
Several doors were opened for SSLR to develop projects and solutions to meet the energy efficiency and alternative energy needs of schools, universities and government facilities within the state.
SSLR continues to discuss major international projects where it competes with much larger players such as First Solar, Inc.
SSLR has several major projects on the drawing boards for completion in Brazil and Mexico.
companies seeking to implement sizeable domestic solar projects using stimulus grants, SSLR will be able to expand its domestic operational footprint.
We expect companies like SSLR, which are developing new alternative energy resources, to help lead America out of this recession," concluded Austin.