SSMESpace Shuttle Main Engine
SSMESulu-Sulawesi Marine Ecoregion (Malaysia)
SSMESmooth Streaming Media Element (computer application programming interface)
SSMEService Science, Management, Engineering
SSMESiemens Shanghai Medical Equipment Ltd. (China)
SSMESplit Symbol Moments Estimator
SSMESpread-Spectrum Modulation Equipment
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He added that the funding support will also reinforce the country's capacity to implement the SSME Comprehensive Action Plan, a five-year blueprint which implementation started in 2012 to ensure the sustainability of fisheries production and marine conservation efforts within the protected area.
The SSME is the world's most reliable and highly tested large rocket engine ever built, and operates under extreme temperatures ranging from -423 degrees Fahrenheit to 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit - half the surface temperature of the sun.
The hard work paid off, and in operation the SSMEs have performed admirably and remain the most advanced (and only reusable) liquid-fueled rocket engines ever developed.
When the Space Shuttle program was launched by NASA in 1971, producing the SSME was a major challenge.
In support of service research, service innovation and SSME, there are now 27 SSME research innovation centres at universities worldwide.
When combined with an appropriate Internet strategy and business architecture, an on-line SSME in major metropolitan areas in Australia may reinvent itself, or an individual player in the industry may distinguish themselves from other related SSME's through strategy.
Prevention of a single catastrophic failure during a NASA SSME test could save an even greater amount.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 6, 2011-Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's SSME powers final flight to ISS(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
SSME is a joint venture between Victorian company Spotless Services Australia Limited and Emirates Link Group, based in Abu Dhabi, and opened for business in 2009.
Contributions include the design of a tapered-bore seal for the SSME LOX pump, managing a long-term project for improved balancing which led to a savings of $100,000,000 for balancing of the U.
This article examines the role that castings play in the SSME.
Outcome : The regional technical assistance is expected to result in the increased resilience of coastal and marine ecosystems and human communities in the CT3 through improved management of coastal and marine resources in the SSME priority seascape.