SSMHSouth Shore Mental Health (Boston, MA)
SSMHSanitary Sewer Manhole
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SSMH has achieved success in many areas utilising this approach.
VPS Healthcare expects to leverage SSMH's technical know-how and experience in setting up and managing its health promotion centres.
VPS Healthcare and SSMH are employing a four pillar strategy: 1) Setting up of health promotion centres; 2) education and awareness; 3) assembling a team of expert medical professionals and state-of-the-art technology for comprehensive cancer care and rehabilitation; and 4) research and development.
"We are incredibly excited about this partnership, and the potential it has for a positive impact on the battle against cancer in the UAE," said Dr Hoo Guen Chun, director of SSMH's Comprehensive Cancer Institute.
"The team at VPS Healthcare share with SSMH a passion for and dedication to providing easily available screenings and consistent, quality care for patients."
SSMH will primarily be acting as VPS Healthcare's technical services partner, advising on the methodology for the establishment of the new centres, the acquisition of the best technological tools, and the assembling world-class teams of medical professionals and technical experts.
Initial staff will be between 75-80 from SSMH including four physicians, technicians and nurses.
SSMH is one of the top-ranking institutes in Korea in medical academics, and has established wide-ranging specialty centres to combat a multitude of cancers.
The case was sent to arbitration, and in May SSMH was awarded $425,000 in damages.
McClain instituted more patient-friendly billing practices and turned a former meeting room into an expansion for SSMH's cardiac rehabilitation center.
Cost reports showed a $60,131 net loss for SSMH last year, but McClain said "on a zero-based budget," the hospital actually made $600,000.