SSMLSpeech Synthesis Markup Language
SSMLScuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici (Italian: School for Language Mediators; Pisa University, Italy)
SSMLShip's Service Man, Laundryman (rank; US Navy)
SSMLSeaspan Ship Management Ltd. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
SSMLShahmurad Sugar Mills Limited (est. 1980; Pakistan)
SSMLSimbhaoli Sugar Mills Limited (now Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd.)
SSMLSkateboarding Saved My Life, Inc.
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In total, there are five new SSML tags that can be put into practice, including whispers, expletive beeps, emphasis, sub (which lets Alexa say something other than what's written), and prosody.
However, SSML and USPG programs are specially conceived and consequently organized for each group according to the needs and level of language competence.
We propose refined extensions to both PLS and SSML, which are described in section 4, and mainly deal with multiple pronunciations and morphosyntactic descriptions.
The real leap in importance occurred in the 1970s, when languages enrolments increased significantly and the SSML became the main vehicle for language learning especially for migrants in Victoria.
The upward revision in rating reflects the improvement in the liquidity profile of SSML with steady growth in revenues and improvement in operating margins driven by favorable demand environment for cotton yarn in the recent past.
Although SSML is free to sell iron ore in the domestic markets, ICRA believes that the recent Gok order is likely to impact SSML's operations and financial performance adversely, given that the company has primarily been an exporter.
0 interpreter; built-in text-to-speech (TTS) synthesizer; VoiceXML browser support of the SSML "say-as" tag; playback of prerecorded audio files; virtual phone keypad for DTMF input; complete VoiceXML debugger with single step and variable inspection; full breakpoint capability for easy debugging; ECMA script debugging; execution history to allow developers to investigate a given execution path; on-screen script inspection for ease of VoiceXML IVR programming; support of remote application server access via HTTP; compatibility with all Web application server environments; extended VoiceXML Grammar Support; VoiceXML tutorial; and full compatibility with Vocomo Voice Response 2.
Recently, several TTS-related developments have contributed to this, including things like SSML (speech synthesis markup language) that enable developers to add emphasis and tune pronunciations.
Updated content reflecting the final draft specifications for the CCXML, SRGS, SISR, and SSML standards.
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is active in defining new representation formats for the speech-enabled Web, including VoiceXML, SRGS, SSML, SISR and CCXML.
EmotionML can be used in conjunction with other markup languages such as EMMA, an extensible multimodal annotation language, and SSML, a speech synthesis language, both of which Dahl had a hand in drafting.
1 incorporates important features and feedback from SSML Workshops held in Beijing, China and Heraklion, Greece.