SSMMSlide Show Movie Maker
SSMMSaab-Salomon Mountain Mayhem (UK bike festival)
SSMMSus Majestades (Spanish: His/Her Majesty Plural)
SSMMSolid State Mass Memory
SSMMSharePoint Site Migration Manager (Metalogix software)
SSMMServer State Machine Model
SSMMSingle Source Multi-Media
SSMMState Surface Maintenance Manager
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Regardless of the term chosen, the observation that the intraepidermal portion of a recurrent nevus could resemble SSMM would be confirmed (3,17) and the proposed histopathologic criteria would serve as useful guidelines for pathologists evaluating questionable specimens.
Park et al (3) concluded that RN with atypical features rarely resembled SSMM, thereby posing "significant diagnostic difficulties," but added that most RN did not mimic melanoma histologically; therefore, they did not recommend the term pseudomelanoma.
SSMM can be especially useful for programs that are driven by an urgent need, such as the mine resistant ambush protected vehicle.
Other programs that would benefit from SSMM are commercial off-the-shelf procurements such as body armor.
The Department's defense safety oversight council created the SSMM through its acquisition and technology programs task force.
Metalogix SSMM 2010 is the first SharePoint migration solution to allow users to capture any migration or content management task as a reusable script, which can then be customized using the flexibility and richness of PowerShell.