SSMNSisters of St. Mary of Namur (religious order)
SSMNServicio de Salud Metropolitano Norte (Spanish: North Metropolitan Health Service; Chile)
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After the completion of the theatrical run of movie, it will move into first run status and pay per view via the SSMN.
We are developing SSMN to be the premier destination for independently created content.
The 3G Global Film Festival will be distributed globally via the SSMN using streaming, WI-FI as well as 3G wireless technology, www.
Phase 1 of the beta testing of the SSMN has begun with the design of the platform for consumer delivery.
SSMN is structured as a video on demand, (VOD) service where the consumer has complete choice to view and download the content the network will make available.
Once incorporated we will explore various means for our shareholders to share in the future success of SSMN.
Management is in discussions with legal counsel and the investment banking unit to determine the feasibility of spinning off a portion of SSMN to the shareholder base as dividend.
Convergence SSMN Solution to Offer Advanced Technology and
The SSMN solution combines strength in offering next-generation network services, as well as flexible and extensible operations solutions that respond to these market conditions.
The SSMN project employs a common information model, based on the work of a previous Catalyst team, the Integrated Multi-Service Management (IMSM) project.