SSMOSisters of St. Mary of Oregon (religious order)
SSMOSudanese Standards and Metrology Organization
SSMOSummary of Synoptic Meteorological Observations
SSMOShip Safety Management Office (UK)
SSMOState Surface Maintenance Office
SSMOSewer System Maintenance and Operation Department (Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District; Cleveland, OH)
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This came while the Minister was chairing meeting of Directors of SSMO branches at the Council of Ministers in the presence of SSMO's General Director, Dr Awad Sakarab.
The meeting heard a brief on progress of work at SSMO branches in the various States of the Country.
The SSMO underscored the existence of several types of candies coated with the carcinogenic plastic crystal substance in the groceries, pointing that most of the families are not aware of the danger of these candies.
The SSMO demanded that the immediately inform the concerned authorities if they see these candies and toys in the markets or groceries in the neighborhoods of Nyala, asking schools principals to warn the students against dangers posed by these candies on their health.
The meeting recommended completing the linking of branches with the network and assessment of indications of performance along with finding solutions to the problems facing some SSMO branches.
WWTPs and the SSMO department to meet the requirements noted below as well as
This came while the Minister was addressing the second meeting of Performance Council for the year 2015 at SSMO premises in Khartoum Sunday.
For his part, the SSMO Director General Abdullah Hassan Issa stressed endeavour of the corporation to fight all the means of commercial fraud including misleading advertising to consumers, pointing out that the workshop came within the framework of searching for constructive recommendations contribute to combating of negative phenomena and protecting consumers from all types of fraud and deception besides setting of rules and standards for advertising and in accordance with the principles of the Islamic religion.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy Magdi Hassan Yassin has affirmed, at the meeting of the SSMO General Assembly on the discussion of the final audited accounts of SSMO held Wednesday at premises of the ministry, importance of computerization of SSMO accounting system, in coordination with the Chamber of the Accounts, to facilitate the task of the National Auditor and to accelerate delivery of the final audited accounts.
In the end of the visit, the Minister of the Cabinet thanked the leaders of the work at SSMO and its Consultative Council on the their efforts and keenness to perform their duties , affirming the great role of the standards in maintaining safety of the homeland and citizens.
Abdullah Hassan Ahmed, Tuesday affirmed the concern of the SSMO with the social responsibility in order to protect the consumers and the national EconomyThis came when he addressed the inaugural sitting of the regional Workshop on Social Responsibility, organized by the SSMO in collaboration with the International Standards Organization (ISO) in as-Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum in collaboration with 16 African States.
The SSMO called upon traders and manufacturers of all types of measurement tools to make preparations to adopt this system