SSMOSisters of St. Mary of Oregon (religious order)
SSMOSudanese Standards and Metrology Organization
SSMOSummary of Synoptic Meteorological Observations
SSMOShip Safety Management Office (UK)
SSMOState Surface Maintenance Office
SSMOSewer System Maintenance and Operation Department (Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District; Cleveland, OH)
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Foram observadas poucas diferencas no SSMO entre os participantes do Metodo Canguru e do Alojamento conjunto, porem em relacao ao perfil alimentar foram observados que a AME e mais prevalente em neonatos participantes do Metodo Canguru.
The SSMO underscored the existence of several types of candies coated with the carcinogenic plastic crystal substance in the groceries, pointing that most of the families are not aware of the danger of these candies.
Tendo em vista o trabalho fonoaudiologico, o presente artigo tem por objetivo realizar revisao sistematica da literatura nacional e internacional a fim de elencar diferentes tecnicas para maturacao do SSMO e elucidar sobre a eficacia das mesmas em neonatos pre-termo que permaneceram em ambiente hospitalar.
Isto reflete a necessidade de ampliar sua atuacao para outras areas da unidade, focando, inclusive, a prevencao de alteracoes relacionadas ao SSMO, pois acredita-se que o atendimento fonoaudiologico precoce ao RN internado, ainda na UTI, pode colaborar para a evolucao do processo de alimentacao e, consequentemente, para antecipar a alta hospitalar [8].
This came while the Minister was chairing meeting of Directors of SSMO branches at the Council of Ministers in the presence of SSMO's General Director, Dr Awad Sakarab.
WWTPs and the SSMO department to meet the requirements noted below as well as
The meeting recommended completing the linking of branches with the network and assessment of indications of performance along with finding solutions to the problems facing some SSMO branches.
30(SUNA)-Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Ahmed Saad Omer has underscored the Government commitment to remove all obstacles facing the Sudan Standard and Metrology Organization(SSMO) and its branches in the States to carry out its role in protecting the national economy, indicating that the SSMO stands the first health and economic defense line for the State and the citizens.
The minister called in his address Monday to a workshop on commercial advertisements between consumer protection and legal supervision organized by SSMO at its headquarters Monday under slogan (Towards Effective Supervision on the Commercial Advertisements), called the concerned bodies to the importance of coordination with SSMO for discussion of the issue of advertisements and to identify the negatives that accompany them to come out with recommendations addressing them, in recognition of their importance as an industry that developed greatly in the recent period made a positive impact on the country's economic activity.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and National Economy Magdi Hassan Yassin has affirmed, at the meeting of the SSMO General Assembly on the discussion of the final audited accounts of SSMO held Wednesday at premises of the ministry, importance of computerization of SSMO accounting system, in coordination with the Chamber of the Accounts, to facilitate the task of the National Auditor and to accelerate delivery of the final audited accounts.
In the end of the visit, the Minister of the Cabinet thanked the leaders of the work at SSMO and its Consultative Council on the their efforts and keenness to perform their duties , affirming the great role of the standards in maintaining safety of the homeland and citizens.
Abdullah Hassan Ahmed, Tuesday affirmed the concern of the SSMO with the social responsibility in order to protect the consumers and the national EconomyThis came when he addressed the inaugural sitting of the regional Workshop on Social Responsibility, organized by the SSMO in collaboration with the International Standards Organization (ISO) in as-Salam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum in collaboration with 16 African States.