SSMPSewer System Management Plan
SSMPStockpile Stewardship and Management Program (US nuclear stockpile)
SSMPSocial Services Master Plan
SSMPSite Safety Management Plan (Australia)
SSMPSystem Safety Management Plan
SSMPStartup, Shutdown, Malfunction Plan
SSMPSupport to the Safe Motherhood Programme (Nepal)
SSMPSpy Sappin My Patience (Team Fortress 2 gaming comunity)
SSMPSpy Sappin' My Patience (gaming)
SSMPSupply Support Management Plan
SSMPSystem Security Management Program
SSMPSample Survey Military Personnel
SSMPSemisolid Materials Processing laboratory
SSMPSupplemented with Skim Milk Powder
SSMPSingle Stamp Multi Part
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CMI had already questioned the SSMP and lost the case in the Regional Trial Court of Iba, he added.
Comparing data from Tables II and III the increased mineral composition of SS in relation to the of the initial substrate can be noticed for most elements, except for K, whose values were lower in all spent substrates, as well as P values of spent substrates SSMP and SSPB, which presented lower values than the initial substrate.
The SSMP must be in place by the engine's compliance date and must be kept at the facility with the subject engine.
While strongly supporting the critique and recommendations posed by NRDC, Mary Olson of the Washington DC-based Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) is even more critical of SSMP and the overall nuclear weapons policies of the Clinton Administration:
n] = [nth root of SSMP (1) + SSMP (2) + xxx + SSMP (n);]
This is reflected in SSMP's close links with the DFID Health Sector Reform Support Programme, through which SSMP can act as a pilot and an indicator for whole sector approaches, (8) and health sector reform efforts can support safe motherhood programming through critical areas such as human resource management.
This is the final step prior to applying for Provincial Council Certification and the renewal of the SSMP (Small Scale Mining Permit).
The company provides 40 GHz SNIP miniature blind mate and reduced size SSMP micro miniature family of connectors, plus 65 GHz, 1.
In other developments, Randolf Villanueva, the Pearl Asian's president and CEO in the Philippines, is spearheading the effort to procure the MPSA (Mineral Production Sharing Agreement) and the renewal of the current SSMP (Small Scale Mining Permit), due to be renewed by November 22, 2007.
Documentations such as EXPAs application, SSMP, Right Of Way MOA, MPSA Application, Geological Studies and Chemical Lab Results.
Pearl Asian and the Governor had mutually agreed to fast track the XYZ Gold Project by extending its SSMP (Small Scale Mining Permit) to 2009 and the approval of the following:
Documentations such as EXPA application, SSMP, Right Of Way MOA, MPSA Application, Geological Studies and Chemical Lab results including the feasibility studies that contain the operating cost and capital cost of the XYZ project, capital cost of mill plant, tailings pond and underground developments and roads construction are to be submitted to the Secretary of the DENR.