SSMPSewer System Management Plan
SSMPStockpile Stewardship and Management Program (US nuclear stockpile)
SSMPSocial Services Master Plan
SSMPSite Safety Management Plan (Australia)
SSMPSystem Safety Management Plan
SSMPStartup, Shutdown, Malfunction Plan
SSMPSupport to the Safe Motherhood Programme (Nepal)
SSMPSpy Sappin My Patience (Team Fortress 2 gaming comunity)
SSMPSpy Sappin' My Patience (gaming)
SSMPSupply Support Management Plan
SSMPSystem Security Management Program
SSMPSample Survey Military Personnel
SSMPSemisolid Materials Processing laboratory
SSMPSupplemented with Skim Milk Powder
SSMPSingle Stamp Multi Part
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The issuance of SSMP and GGP paved the way for the extraction of black sand in the coastal areas of Barangay Capandanan, Estanza, Sabangan and Malimpuec.
A previous study that explored the attitudes of HCPs towards stroke self-management found that whilst stroke practitioners were positive about the Bridges SSMP and were willing to apply the principles of this approach to their practice, there were challenges and barriers to its implementation (Jones & Bailey, 2013).
Espino argued in his motion that the prosecution failed to prove that the issuance of SSMP gave unwarranted benefit or advantage to Alexander Mining or caused undue injury to the government.
The former phase, conducted by SSMP, designs a virtual security service topology according to security requests, which describes the required instances and their relations.
Comparing data from Tables II and III the increased mineral composition of SS in relation to the of the initial substrate can be noticed for most elements, except for K, whose values were lower in all spent substrates, as well as P values of spent substrates SSMP and SSPB, which presented lower values than the initial substrate.
Failures that are caused by poor maintenance or careless operation are not malfunctions and cannot be covered under the SSMP. During SSM events, a violation does not occur as long as operation of the engine follows the SSME Corrections to these events must take place as soon as practicable.
The POP, an intelligent and open subsystem processing and control architecture, is powered by Dowslake Microsystems' Simple Subsystem Management Protocol (SSMP ).
[1996], which describes the original version of this work, we introduced the terminology SSMP (for Scalable Shared memory MultiProcessor) as a general term to describe both bus-based and switched-interconnect architectures.
ASAP is part of a giant multibillion effort by the Clinton Administration -- the Stockpile Stewardship and Management Program (SSMP) -- which is designed to sustain and even enhance US nuclear weapons capabilities formerly dependent on nuclear explosive testing.
Semisolid metal processing (SSMP) is another technology that has great potential to enhance value and reduce operational costs.
30, 2011, invoking a small-scale mining permit (SSMP) and other permits signed by Ebdane in favor of Geoking Asia.
The first few terms of SSMP (n) are: 1, 4, 4, 4, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 16, 25, xxx.