SSMRSociety for the Study of Male Reproduction (Schaumburg, IL)
SSMRStanding Seam Metal Roof
SSMRSociety for the Study of Metaphysical Religion (New Port Richey, FL)
SSMRShore Station Maintenance Record
SSMRStorage Space Management Reporting
SSMRState-Specific Multi-Reference (chemistry)
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The 14th Coast Guard District Civil Engineering Unit (CEU) has been charged with the responsibility to provide engineering expertise, oversight, and funding for SSMR projects.
Solution: Realign Funding to Support Self-Help Projects Self-help should be considered as a first resort for funding SSMR projects.
Immediate Startup, Shutdown, or Malfunction Reports: This must be submitted immediately if any actions taken during a SSM event were not consistent with the SSMR This document must explain why the actions were different and include a description of any emissions or operating limits exceeded.
Note that an EPA proposed revision to the MACT General Provisions would eliminate the requirement to report startups and shutdowns that occur consistent with the SSMR This proposed change may be final in late 2005.
The SSMR research showed that office workers get frustrated, stressed and annoyed when they can't reach somebody; and yet resent distractions caused by intrusive communications to their own or their colleagues' meetings and work.
The symbol for the "new common stock" will be SSMR.