SSMRSStanding Seam Metal Roof System (various companies)
SSMRSS Scale Model Railway Society (UK)
SSMRSSilver Spring Model Railroad Society (Silver Spring, MD)
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To meet the above requirements, a novel design of dual and triple narrow-band bandstop filters is presented by adopting the meandered slot defected microstrip structure (MS-DMS) and the simplified spiral microstrip resonator (SSMR) in this paper.
Compared with the conventional half-wavelength resonator with the first spurious resonance at 2[f.sub.2], the improved first spurious resonance can be easily achieved for the SSMR. It is worth pointing out that due to the internal coupling of the SSMR, the fundamental resonance of this resonator will be lower than that of the half-wavelength resonator with the same length, meaning that the SSMR is more compact.
where [f.sub.3] is the third fundamental resonant frequency caused by the added SSMR, and [f.sub.s3] is its first spurious resonant frequency.