SSMUStudents' Society of McGill University
SSMUSiberian State Medical University (Tomsk, Russia)
SSMUShanghai Second Medical University (est. 1985; China)
SSMUShort Stay Medical Unit (internal medicine)
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The Doppler's ultrasound was carried out in 2 medical settings: in the out-patient department "Harmony" and in the Medical Center of SSMU.
In comparison, councillor Jose Diaz defended the club's existence by saying, "Universities are the best places tbr this kind of debate." In the end, 21 councillors of the SSMU voted in favour of the club receiving interim club status.
Tenders are invited for provision of services for the development of scientific and project documentation for the overhaul of the intensive care unit of hospital clinics of ssmu located at: tomsk, lenin ave.
The annual graduates of the SSMU and medical colleges are up to 1,500 people.
The event took place within the framework of a new information project of the Ministry of Health of the Saratov Region and FGBOU VO "SSMU named after.
Electronic auction: drug supply, inn - inosin + nicotinamide + riboflavin + succinic acid for structural divisions of the ssmu
Electronic auction: delivery of knee arthroplasty for niiton ssmu
Electronic auction: providing services for maintenance and repair of ventilation systems for niiton ssmu
Electronic auction: delivery of accessories to the surgical ophthalmologic system for the eye diseases clinic of the ssmu