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SSNSocial Security Number
SSNAttack Submarine (Nuclear Propulsion)
SSNServizio Sanitario Nazionale (Italian Health Service)
SSNSimultaneous Switching Noise
SSNSilver Spring Networks (Redwood City, CA)
SSNSubsystem Number (SS7)
SSNSubsystem Number
SSNSession Service
SSNSegment Sequence Number
SSNStorage System Number
SSNSmoothed Sunspot Number
SSNSpace Surveillance Network
SSNSocial Safety Net
SSNSocial Services Network (Canada)
SSNStandard Shipping Note (trade)
SSNSenior Secured Note (finance)
SSNSoul of the South Network
SSNSuper Sports Network (German TV)
SSNSafeSeaNet (vessel traffic monitoring and information system)
SSNSocial Solidarity Network (Ireland)
SSNShip, Submersible, Nuclear
SSNStandard Study Number
SSNSecure Server Network
SSNSwitched Service Network
SSNSuprasternal Notch (anatomy)
SSNStation Serial Number
SSNSubmersible Ship Nuclear
SSNSolución Salina Normal (Spanish)
SSNSilicon Serial Number
SSNSwiss Society for Nutrition (Switzerland)
SSNSuperior Salivary Nucleus (facial nerve nucleus)
SSNSoldier Support Network
SSNSub-Surface Navigation
SSNSpecification Serial Number
SSNSynchronous Sequential Network
SSNSegment Serial Number
SSNSystem Sequence Number
SSNSwept Spot Noise
SSNSprint Service Node
SSNStreaming Sports Network, LLC (Ottawa, Canada)
SSNSense Selection Network (natural language processing)
SSNSystem Study Number
SSNSubscriber Sequence Number
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The INS Arihant quietly commissioned in 2016, is also based on the Russian Project 971 Akula I-class SSN.
Globally, SSN transfers account for 19 percent of the welfare of a country's poorest population; here in the Philippines, only 9 percent is covered by the 4Ps benefit.
Figure I displays the annual values of (a) SSN and (b) NSD for the interval 1849-2016, spanning the declining portions of SC09-SC24.
The removal of Social Security numbers from the DoD drug testing program now joins other existing SSN reduction efforts, such as the DON policy prohibiting faxing documents containing PII and prohibiting the inclusion of SSNs on rosters; the continuing review of forms and IT systems to eliminate the collection of SSNs where possible; removal of SSNs from visitor access logs; and other ongoing initiatives to remove a SSN from military identification methods or "dog" tags and from miscellaneous business processes.
The SSN waveform cannot be calculated directly with [Z.sub.PDN] (j[omega]) because of the impedance function that cannot be extracted directly from the circuit model that contains power/ground planes and capacitors in time domain.
The SOS:Smartphone concept is derived from the SSN:System concept of the SSN ontology [8] providing necessary properties for deployment and platform.
The data included decedent name, SSN, and address with five-digit zip codes which we converted to nine-digit zip codes with publicly accessible software, Code1-Plus from PitneyBowes (Bowes).
For the new studio launch next month, SSN will move from channel 405 to 401.
But top secret intelligence assessments prepared by RAW and Naval Intelligence term the two- month deployment of the Shang class SSN between December 13 and February 12 as " seriously aggravating India's security concerns".
USS ASHEVILLE (SSN 758)--Due March 2014 (Scheduling message received from command)
Adding decoupling capacitors, selecting the number and location of the vias and using differential interconnection can effectively suppress SSN [4].