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SSNSocial Security Number
SSNAttack Submarine (Nuclear Propulsion)
SSNServizio Sanitario Nazionale (Italian Health Service)
SSNSimultaneous Switching Noise
SSNSubsystem Number (SS7)
SSNSmoothed Sunspot Number
SSNSpace Surveillance Network
SSNSocial Safety Net
SSNSafeSeaNet (vessel traffic monitoring and information system)
SSNShip, Submersible, Nuclear
SSNStandard Study Number
SSNSecure Server Network
SSNSwitched Service Network
SSNSuprasternal Notch (anatomy)
SSNStation Serial Number
SSNSubmersible Ship Nuclear
SSNSolución Salina Normal (Spanish)
SSNSilicon Serial Number
SSNSwiss Society for Nutrition (Switzerland)
SSNSuperior Salivary Nucleus (facial nerve nucleus)
SSNSoldier Support Network
SSNSub-Surface Navigation
SSNSpecification Serial Number
SSNSynchronous Sequential Network
SSNSegment Serial Number
SSNSystem Sequence Number
SSNSwept Spot Noise
SSNStreaming Sports Network, LLC (Ottawa, Canada)
SSNSense Selection Network (natural language processing)
SSNSprint Service Node
SSNSubscriber Sequence Number
SSNSystem Study Number
SSNSuper Sports Network (German TV)
SSNSocial Services Network (Canada)
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Lyle played down SSN Media Gateway's relation to the fledgling network in a recent interview, stating that the two were "not connected" besides Gateway providing some services to Soul of the South.
Collection of the SSN was either eliminated, a substitution made for the SSN (e.
Overall, the report noted consistently high success rates in the 92 impact evaluations it conducted on 24 of the bank's 244 SSN projects.
The SSN "goes the extra mile" to make it a personalised service - much more than just "signposting".
The automated SSN verification solution is also available through First American CREDCO's sister company, CredStar, under the product name SSN Confirm.
Ask your employer how your SSN is used, who has access to it, how those individuals are screened for reliability, what safeguards are in place to prevent your number from being stolen, and what notification procedures, (required by some state laws), are in place to let you know if your private information has been inappropriately accessed.
The child also must have an SSN as defined on page 43 of the instructions for form 1040 or 1040A.
How do you prevent agencies from accessing your SSN when they solicit it?
Taxpayers who are in an adoption process may not be able to obtain a new or existing SSN for the child, and will need to request an ATIN in order to claim the child as a dependent or to claim the child care credit.
When the SSN was added to its list of data elements, OSHPD needed to find a way to provide the benefits of a unique identifier to the users of its data, without revealing the SSN itself.
30, Reduction of Social Security Number (SSN) Use Within DoD, requires that the continued collection of the SSN be justified in writing.
The company entered into a limited partnership with Soul of the South in which TVi Media was to pay related SSN Funding Ltd.