SSNASkin Sympathetic Nerve Activity
SSNASocial Support Networking Alliance (online sexually transmitted disease support forum)
SSNASalafi Society of North America
SSNASutherland Shire Netball Association (Miranda NSW Australia)
SSNASouth Sudan News Agency
SSNASensuous Swingers North America
SSNAS-Shaped Sinus Node Artery
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This VCD features the activities of the SSNA from the journey begun at their camp in northern Shan State until they joined hands with the SSA at Loi Tailang.
The major change is that the required documentation now is organized by the Forces of Magnetism (see Table 2) and by the SSNA (ANA, 2004), rather than by the SSNA alone as in earlier versions.
Not all 14 Forces are expected to correspond with every SSNA.
The Application Manual 2005 indicates that the crosswalk should be regarded as flexible, not definitive, as "It is expected that organizations will differ in how the measurement criteria from the SSNA are most related to the different Forces of Magnetism" (ANCC, 2004, p.
We are fully confident of the government's goodwill and sincerity and we decided to exchange weapons completely for peace at this ceremony,'' SSNA 27th regiment commander U Pwan Wan said at the ceremony.
The SSNA is one of 17 rebel organizations that have entered into a cease-fire agreement with the military government.
However, the SSNA speaker also briefed lawmakers of the political, economic and security challenges that engulfed the new nation during their 75 days of recess, describing it as a "difficult" phase.