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Idjirani, SSNB secretary general, said the hearing in Jolo will be an opportunity for the Sultanate and its "raayat" (constituents) to voice their stand on the controversial BBL.
Among the issues Idjirani said the SSNB seeks to be clarified on the BBL are the change of name of the Sulu Sea to Bangsamoro Waters; the meaning of "wali" among the various Moro ethnic groups; the allocation of powers in the proposed Bangsamoro government; the absence of a provision on territorial issues such as Sabah between the Sultanate and Malaysia; and the Bangsamoro's stand on the scores of Filipino refugees in Sabah.
Preliminary study of suprascapular nerve block (SSNB) in hemiplegic shoulder pain.
System Control and Supervision Block SSNB including the electrical system.
Manila, Philippines - A year after the bloody standoff in February 2013, the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo (SSNB) yesterday renounced the use of violence in staking its ownership over Sabah.
Kiram is the new head of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo (SSNB), who is continuing the pursuit of the "ancestral rights" of the heirs to the disputed territory.