SSNCSwedish Society for Nature Conservation (Stockholm, Sweden)
SSNCSemiconductor Solutions Network Company (est. 2003; Japan)
SSNCSignaling System Network Control
SSNCStichting Spoor Nul Contact (Dutch: Track Zero Contact Foundation; Netherlands)
SSNCStatus, Entity Data Not Consistent (Alcatel)
SSNCScottish Scout Network Council
SSNCShan State National Council (Burma)
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The SSNC adds that among the analysed products, only those carrying this label were free of substances hazardous to the environment and health.
The SSNC and the World Wide Fund for Nature accuse Indonesian companies Indah Kiat, owned by Asian Pulp and Paper, and PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper, owned by Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings, of turning huge areas of the irreplaceable Indonesian rainforest into acacia and eucalyptus plantations, with disastrous consequences for local inhabitants and wildlife.
But last September and this January, when SSNC contacted companies about the organisation's report, it said Nordea did not reply to their questions at all, while ABB maintained it had operated according to Indonesian law.