SSNDSchool Sisters of Notre Dame
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SSNDStudent Society for News Design (various locations)
SSNDSurvey of the Social Networks of the Dutch
SSNDSplanchnic Sympathetic Nerve Discharge
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Since 2003, Environmental Services of SSND has used Green Seal cleaning products that are flexible enough to be used more than just as a general cleaner.
Newer SSND living spaces use natural light, energy-efficient light, and windows.
Most departments at SSND have been involved with green concepts.
7) SSND IT uses computers to the end of the computer's useful life, clears them of confidential materials for security reasons, and then recycles them at the Mankato Recycling Center.
Contact Maxine Pohlman, SSND (618)466-5004; 4300 Levis Lane, Godfrey, IL 62035.
Donahue, SJ; July 26, "Drumming at the Labyrinth," John Marshall, August 16-23, Directed Retreats and Guided Retreat, "Contemplating the Holy in All of Life: A Gift From the Celtic Tradition," Mary Irving, SSND.
Conference Retreat (July 9-15, 2006) Contemplative Consciousness-focusing on our relationship with God as revealed in our daily experiences, Margaret Picha, SSND, presenter.
Bridgeman Rochester, NY Mary Lou Brien, SSND Rochester, NY Anne-Marie Brogan Rochester, NY Tom Brongo Rochester, NY Pat Brown Leeds, U.
Margaret Picha SSND has been in the ministry of spiritual and human development for 35 years.
Still she acknowledged: "Part of me will always remain SSND.
In many ways "my transfer has been more difficult for the SSNDs I know than for me," Gramick said.
29-31: "Living with Balance, Life in Abundance" by Margaret Picha, SSND and Michael Laratonda, FMS; Dec.