SSNFSkeletal Street Network Files (Canada)
SSNFScottish Stroke Nurses Forum (UK)
SSNFSmall-Signal Noise Floor (telecommunications reciever)
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This information was gathered with the SSNF for persons in each of the following categories:
Psychometric characteristics of the SSNF were studied previously (Kennedy, 1991) and the instrument was found to have a test/retest reliability of 90% (mean percent agreement) and a congruent validity for social contact validity as indexed against a direct observation measure (i.
Data collection using the SCAF and SSNF began in October 1994 and continued until May 1995.
During 39%, 46%, and 15% of SCAF, SIC, and SSNF sessions, respectively, interobserver agreement (IOA) was assessed.
Table 4 shows a second set of the outcomes for social support behaviors and are arrayed as the percentage of people listed on the SSNF who engaged in at least one instance of a particular social support behavior during the previous 2 weeks.