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SSNHLSudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (study)
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However, the importance of tinnitus as a factor predicting poor prognosis of SSNHL remains controversial [2].
Evaluation of the prognostic values of DHI and THI in patients with unilateral SSNHL may be very significant in the clinical field.
This article presents a rare manifestation of SSNHL following NVD and postpartum hemorrhage that has simultaneous renal failure and cochlear impairment.
Based on SSNHL diagnosis, prednisone was administered.
Of the 151 ears with SSNHL, the hearing loss was characterized as mild in 11 ears (7.
6% of all patients (1584 cases) with SSNHL who were treated in our department between July 2008 and August 2015.
Radiologic evaluation is required to determine whether SSNHL can be treated surgically.
When the eardrum and otological examination appear normal and the patient is surprisingly well, you should have a high index of suspicion of a SSNHL.
In the present study SSNHL associated with co-morbid status are shown in the table 4.
9) Its use in SSNHL documented by silverstein in 1996; (10-14) this is followed by many authors who described use of Intratympanic steroids for SNNHL.
Among the 12 patients who received only a steroid, six had BPSNHL, two had UPSNHL, and four had SSNHL.
Yen YC, Lin YS, Weng SF et al in their study testing the hypothesis that Psoriasis patients have a risk to develop SSNHL found after 6 years of follow up; an 1.