SSNIPSmall but Significant and Non-transitory Increase in Price (economics)
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(28) SSNIP stands for "a small but significant and non-transitory increase in price" and is a methodological tool for identifying the relevant products and market to be used to test post-merger market power.
(90.) The limitations of the SSNIP test when applied to free goods have been recognized elsewhere.
Similarly to the SSNIP test, this information can provide us with an estimate of the boundaries of the local retail geographic market for daily consumer goods.
The SSNIP test is applied by American and European agencies in somewhat different versions: According to the U.S.
(2008): "A SSNIP test for two-sided markets: some theoretical considerations", Working Paper 08-34 Tilburg University & Universita' di Siena.
(113.) SSNIP ("Small but Significant and Non-transitory Increase of Price") refers to a methodology in competition law that seeks to find the product and geographic boundaries subject to competition by testing the substitutability among products and competing regions in response to a price change within a specific time period.
increase of 5% to constitute a SSNIP"); see also FTC v.
El analisis de intercambiabilidad de los productos definidos conforme al numeral anterior, en razon del precio y las preferencias de los consumidores, esto es, la determinacion de los bienes sustitutos hacia los cuales los consumidores se desplazarian en caso de un aumento en el precio significativo y no transitorio de los productos definidos conforme al literal (a) anterior, acorde con el test del monopolista hipotetico (SSNIP) (26), una disminucion en la calidad de los productos o cualquier otro factor de competencia que altere las condiciones de mercado.
Para determinar el mercado producto relevante, se usa el test del monopolista hipotetico (SSNIP por sus siglas en ingles Small but Significant Nontransitory Increase in Prices).
Under the Hypothetical Monopolist Test, regulators evaluate the market to determine whether a hypothetical monopolist, who controls all production of a given product, could institute a small but significant and nontransitory price increase ("SSNIP") without losing customers.