SSNMSS7 (Signaling System Number 7) Signaling Network Management
SSNMSite Specific Nutrient Management (International Rice Research Institute; Manila, Philippines)
SSNMSouthern Somali National Movement (Somali National Alliance; Somalia)
SSNMStrategic Special Nuclear Material
SSNMStrictly Swing New Mexico (swing dance club; Albuquerque, NM)
SSNMSwiss Society of Nuclear Medicine (Switzerland)
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SSNM funding could derive at least partially from these funds, which eases fiscal challenges.
In the end, through the adoption and embedding of private sector best practices, including a robust, cross-functional SSNM process, the supply chain management function at WSSC was transformed from everyone's favorite scapegoat to a leader of culture change at WSSC.
(2007) reported that Site Specific Nitrogen Management (SSNM) maintained rice yields with significantly less fertilizer N (48 kg/ha) and no significant increase in total labor input compared with Farmers' Fertilizer Practices (FFP).