SSNMSS7 (Signaling System Number 7) Signaling Network Management
SSNMSite Specific Nutrient Management (International Rice Research Institute; Manila, Philippines)
SSNMSouthern Somali National Movement (Somali National Alliance; Somalia)
SSNMStrategic Special Nuclear Material
SSNMStrictly Swing New Mexico (swing dance club; Albuquerque, NM)
SSNMSwiss Society of Nuclear Medicine (Switzerland)
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Emplazamientos como: SHTH, APMR, PQUE, SSNM, AORT, HPVJ y ASCS muestran gran semejanza entre las razones espectrales obtenidas con ventanas de ruido en horas del dia (8 am y 3 pm), las cuales definen un mismo pico en forma aproximada.
In the end, through the adoption and embedding of private sector best practices, including a robust, cross-functional SSNM process, the supply chain management function at WSSC was transformed from everyone's favorite scapegoat to a leader of culture change at WSSC.
The independent union of journalists of Macedonia (SSNM) said they were not informed about the joint press conference and they had expected ZNM to consult them considering that the four organizations - ZNM, SSNM, MIM (Macedonia Media Institute) and CRM (Center for Media Development)--had so far coordinated all their activities related to the media laws.