SSNPSyrian Social Nationalist Party
SSNPShasta Senior Nutrition Program
SSNPSecondary School Nursing Program
SSNPSocial Safety Net Program (public assistance; various locations)
SSNPSmall Size Nuclear Power Plant
SSNPStudent Society of Nuclear Pharmacy
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Members from the Kataeb and Lebanese Forces joined Gemayel's family at the sentencing hearing at Beirut's Justice Palace, while SSNP members protested outside the court and in Tayyouneh, calling the killing of Gemayel a national duty, not a crime.
Speeches delivered at the event said that Syria is now confronti9ng terrorism and malicious forces that seek to fragment it and divide the Syrian society, asserting that Syria will emerge victorious thanks to the sacrifices of its people and the heroic actions of the Syrian Arab Army, underlining the active role of the SSNP in confronting the vicious assault on the country.
Animated by a spirit of compassion, caring and collaboration, SSNP provides nutritious meals, transportation and supportive services that promote and enhance the physical, social and spiritual health of seniors and underserved families.
Whatever your situation the SSNP can help you gain access to the right opportunities and support.
Young men from the SSNP confronted Hitchens after he kicked the sign; Hitchens and his two friends finally fled in a taxi, but after Hitchens was beaten and injured and people intervened to save the Three Musketeers.
The SSNP series also maintained the relationship between the memory of S and the experience of P.
The SSNP rejects the pan-Arabism of Syria's ruling Baath Party as unattainable and impractical, and claims that the Baath's entire premise is based upon assumptions of a common Arab culture that are simply baseless.
One SSNP supporter told local media, "This was not a political killing rather it was done to carry out justice.
For around two hours during the trial, Shartouni supporters and SSNP members rallied in front of the Justice Palace to denounce the trial, goading Kataeb party members to gather in a counter-protest.
NNA - SSNP Deputy Marwan Fares hosted on Wednesday a lunch banquet at his residence in honor of several foreign and Arab diplomats including the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin.
The Higher SSNP Council made its decision after it discussed the various nominations.
The SSNP issued a statement urging members to show restraint and calling for a new vote Aug.