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SSOSingle Sign-On
SSOSanitary Sewer Overflow
SSOShip Security Officer
SSOSingapore Symphony Orchestra
SSOSocial Security Office
SSOSyracuse Symphony Orchestra (Syracuse, New York)
SSOSociety of Surgical Oncology
SSOShared Storage Option (VERITAS Software Corporation)
SSOShared Services and Outsourcing
SSOSydney Symphony Orchestra
SSOSun Synchronous Orbit
SSOStandard-Setting Organization
SSOSequence-Specific Oligonucleotide (Probes; genotyping)
SSOSimultaneous Switching Output
SSOSenior Scientific Officer (UK)
SsoSulfolobus Solfataricus
SSOSite Safety Officer
SSOSchool Support Organization
SSOSource Selection Official
SSOSenior Staff Officer
SSOSocial Security Organization (Laos)
SSOSite Security Officer
SSOShared Service Organization
SSOShattered Sun Offensive (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SSOStateful Switch Over (Cisco)
SSOSocial Security Offset
SSOSpace Shuttle Orbiter
SSOSahara and Sahel Observatory
SSOSandia Site Office
SSOSenior Station Officer (fire service; Australia and New Zealand)
SSOStaff Security Officer (NSA)
SSOSpecific Spoilage Organism (food protection)
SSOSafety/Security Officer
SSOScleroderma Society of Ontario
SSOSpatial Standard Observer (aeronautics)
SSOSatellite Switching Office
SSOSüdsüdost (German; South-South-East)
SSOSud-Sud-Ovest (Italian: South-South-West)
SSOShip Safety Officer
SSOSupport Services Organization
SSOSpace Systems Operations
SSOSystem Support Office
SSOScottsdale Symphony Orchestra (Arizona)
SSOSurvey Software Online (Addison, TX)
SSOSammamish Symphony Orchestra (Issaquah, WA)
SSOSurvivors Speak Out (UK support group for those who have attempted suicide)
SSOStudio Symphony Orchestra (Northern Ireland)
SSOSwitch Socket Outlet
SSOSheriff's Special Officer (Orange County, California)
SSOSingle Second Order
SSOSpecial Security Office/r
SSOSherman Symphony Orchestra (Sherman, TX)
SSOStarlight Symphony Orchestra (Texas)
SSOSecondary Significant Other (polyamory)
SSOSudano-Sahelian Office (UN)
SSOSorry Sold Out
SSOSame-Sex Oriented
SSOSupport System for OEX (Orbital Experiments; NASA)
SSOSpeech Service Option
SSOSynchronization Staff Officer
SSOSuncoast Symphony Orchestra (Tampa Bay, FL)
SSOSeaward Security Officer
SSOSoft Skill Optimierung
SSOSystem Synchronization Officer
SSOService Support Office
SSOStore Specific Order (retailing)
SSOSwitching & Signaling Operations (Sprint)
SSOSwitch Specific Overhead
SSOShadow Stalkers Organization
SSOSafety Services Officer
SSOSystem Support Organization
SSOSlight Show of Oil (drilling reports)
SSOSystem Security Office/Officer
SSOSystem Staff Officer
SSOSupply Support Operations
SSOSpecial Systems Operation
SSOSaginaw Symphony Orchestra (Saginaw, Michigan)
SSOSignal Security Office/Officer
SSOScarborough Symphony Orchestra (UK)
SSOSurveillance Systems Operator
SSOSteady-State Optimization
SSOSystem Supervisor Overview (training course segment)
SSOSwiftwater Safety Operations
SSOSpecial Support Office
SSOServer-Side Object (computing)
SSOSeguro Social Obligatorio (Spanish: Compulsory Social Security; various locations)
SSOStandard Service Offer (energy)
SSOStudents Speak Out (est. 2007)
SSOSwap Statement Operator
SSOSocial Search Optimization
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Today, more than 80 percent of the Global 2000 largest companies receive back-office support from either an internal or an external third-party SSO.
For health plan members, SSO is convenient because it provides one point of contact for all of their health benefit needs.
This far-reaching security infrastructure will provide a tremendous competitive advantage for NCC and serve as an outstanding model for companies interested in harnessing advanced SSO, PKI and X.
All NPDES permittees should be responsible for developing and implementing an SSO control program that will ultimately meet the above-described objectives.
70% of respondents said security was the primary reason for adopting IAM and SSO, ahead of user convenience and supporting mobile access
The SSO Server is easy to set up and configure through its flexible point-and-click administrative interface.
Submitters also roundly rejected (95 per cent) the council combining its backroom functions with all other RAs, as the first step towards an SSO.
It also provided the opportunity to examine the key mechanisms decided by SSO and its participation in such international events as the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Changes and the Congress held in Argentina on desertification and soil exhaustion.
The most crucial overflow, SSO 700, could take over a decade and $200 million to fix.
With the new MyAccessLive SSO capabilities, the Aveksa cloud platform now securely connects users to all on-premise and cloud-based web applications.