SSOASemantic Service Oriented Architecture
SSOASpiritual School of Ascension (Lihue, HI)
SSOASad State of Affairs (band)
SSOASecure Service Oriented Architecture (MetaSecure Corporation)
SSOASubscription Services of America, Inc. (Bellmore, NY)
SSOASubsurface Ocean Area
SSOAShooting Stars Over Alabama (motorcycle club)
SSOASecret Society of Assassins (gaming clan)
SSoASheffield School of Architecture (UK)
SSOASwitching Safe Operating Area (power systems)
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For more information on KPMG's SSOA capabilities, click here.
At its core the eZuce SSOA is designed as a system that is easy to manage, avoiding any hierarchy between components that require element managers and managers of managers.
eZuce SSOA introduces an innovative new approach to communications systems design leveraging a dedicated SIP session manager which injects unprecedented simplicity, flexibility and scale at significantly lower costs compared to legacy PBX communications systems.
Southwestern; single-'A'- minus/Stable/'A-2') must continue to pay capacity payments and assume all the fuel costs pursuant to the power purchase agreement (PPA) if Phillips terminates the SSOA, or the minimum-take obligation under the SSOA.
About 60% of project revenues comes from selling power to Southwestern under a 25-year PPA and 40% of its revenue from selling steam to Phillips under a 20-year SSOA.