SSOCSavage Sword of Conan (comic book series)
SSOCSimple Separation of Concerns
SSOCS.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (computer game)
SSOCSouthern Students Organizing Committee (1960s radical student group)
SSOCSpace Station Operations Center
SSOCState System Operations Committee
SSOCSandbach School Orienteering Club (UK)
SSOCSpecial Skill Opening Card (gaming)
SSOCSeniors Serving Oregon Coalition (Pendleton, OR)
SSOCSingapore Sports and Orthopaedic Clinic
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Since 2007, the SSOC has being tracking the corporate governance practices of all firms under its supervision through the Colombian Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Survey (hereafter, Survey).
In the five short years of its existence, SSOC positioned itself as the voice of white progressive student thought and action in the South, initially around civil rights and eventually encompassing a broad agenda of campus reform, labor organizing, feminist activism, and protest against the Vietnam War.
Formed in 1964 as a white adjunct to the civil rights movement, the SSOC in Wells' day had adopted a broader agenda of radical social change, including an outreach to non-student southern whites.
* The team of dedicated professionals, from the Safety & Security team to the SSOC specialists, makes sure the customers and Captains have a safe and pleasant experience.
The Capissaan Cave system in Kasibu town is one of the major eco-tourism attractions in the province which was earlier explored by the members of the SSOC, GAIA Exploration Club (GEC) and the Sierra Madre Outdoor Club (SMOC).
In a press release, Assistant Inspector General (AIG), SSOC, SAS Nagar Varinder Paul Singh said: "Acting on the direction given by the Director General of Police (DGP), Intelligence, VK Bhawra, the Special Cell on Sunday busted a militant module, which comprises highly radicalised and motivated youth."
The paper was named after the Roy Acuff song and Southern hymn "The Great Speckled Bird." Among the founders of The Bird include Tom and Stephanie Coffin, SSOC chairperson Gene Guerrero, and other youth activists who started the Atlanta Cooperative News Project to report for and publish the paper (Heckert 2011).
This problem has been solved by other methods as follows: GA-DT, MDE, CPSO, HPSO, DEDS, HEAA, DELC, POSDE, ABC, MBA, BSA-SA[epsilon], and Social Spider Optimization (SSOC) [79].
Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSOC), Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Company Limited (SNGPL), K-Electric and Brighto Paints.
For example, Thomas Burger, director of test development and senior manager for test technology at ams AG, urged test vendors to take an active role in developing modular, scalable, integrated test cells for what he called sensor systems on chip, or SSoC. And John Shelley, director of product marketing at Xcerra, described some novel ways of potentially cutting the cost of testing RF functionality on IoT devices.
Basically, a smart socket (later SSoc) or a smart plug (outlet, strip) is aimed to measure electrical power consumption, to give access to power readings and to allow control (switch on/off) of loads in a remote (wireless) manner.