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- Median reductions from baseline in sSOL with lemborexant 5 mg (-21.81 minutes) and 10 mg (-28.21 minutes) were larger and statistically significant compared to placebo (-11.43 minutes) at the end of month six (p<0.0001 for all treatment groups).
The proportion of mothers who had favorable outcome among para II-IV mothers and for whom prolonged SSOL is an indication for OVD is higher which is 98.1% and 98.3%, respectively.
Fetal distress (NRFHRP) was the commonest indication (56.2%) for OVD among the 242 cases followed by prolonged SSOL (24.0%) and those used to cut short SSOL (19.4%) and the finding is consistent with other studies.
The commonest indication for OVD is NRFHRP (56.2%) followed by prolonged SSOL (24.0%) and shortening SSOL (19.8%).
Abbreviations ANC: Antenatal care ARM: Artificial rupture of membrane FHR: Fetal heart rate IUFD: Intrauterine fetal death ENND: Early neonatal death EFW: Estimated fetal weight GA: Gestational age HCT: Hematocrit HTN: Hypertension JUMC: Jimma University Medical Center MSAF: Meconium stained amniotic fluid NICU: Neonatal intensive care unit ObGy: Obstetrics and Gynecology OL: Obstructed labor OVD: Operative vaginal delivery PE: Preeclampsia PPH: Postpartum hemorrhage PNA: Perinatal asphyxia ROM: Rupture of membrane SSOL: Second stage of labor SVD: Spontaneous vaginal delivery SGH: Subgaleal hemorrhage WHO: World Health Organization.
The acquisition will be funded through the issuance of restricted shares of SSOL series B Preferred stock and USD 350k in cash.
the variables associated with this factor included L_pulp, Hue_pulp, firmness, AA, and TA, which were directly correlated with each other and inversely related to the variables Chroma_pulp, SSol, SSug, and RS.
Additionally, these fruits had low TA and AA levels and high SSol, SSug, and RS levels.
This group showed a low incidence of rot; low SSol, SSug, and RS levels; high TA and AA levels; light, slightly intense yellow coloration (high L* and hue and low chroma); and firm pulp.
Sunvalley Solar Inc (OTC Bulletin Board: SSOL), a leading solar power technology and solar system integration company, has signed a contract with its partner Baoding TianWei SolarFilms Co Ltd, a solar thin film supplier in China.
At the end of the six-month, placebo-controlled treatment period, treatment with lemborexant at either 5 mg or 10 mg resulted in statistically significant improvements compared to placebo in patient-reported (subjective) sleep onset latency (sSOL), the studys primary efficacy endpoint, and subjective sleep efficiency (sSE) and subjective wake after sleep onset (sWASO), the studys key secondary endpoints.
servicepunt71 acts in the present tender on behalf of the contracting authority (s): Stichting confessioneel onderwijs leiden (scol) and stichting speciaal onderwijs leiden eo (ssol).