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SSOPSanitation Standard Operating Procedures (USDA)
SSOPShrink Small Outline Package
SSOPSanitary Standard Operating Procedures
SSOPSharescan-Open Platform (Ecopy)
SSOPSite Security Operational Procedures
SSOPSecurity Standard Operating Procedures
SSOPSatellite Systems Operations Plan
SSOPSystem Security Operating Procedures
SSOPSingle-Sheet Offset Plate
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This phase, which prepares the youth to leave SSOP, brings closure to remaining education and treatment issues.
Recidivism, for the purpose of these studies, has been defined as an SSOP participant's return to either a juvenile or adult institution or to either juvenile or adult probation/parole for a new sexual offense.
All youths in SSOP receive instruction as to the implications of Chapter 980.
The CY8C9520 is offered in a 28-pin SSOP package, the CY8C9540 comes in a 48-pin SSOP, and the CY8C9560 is offered in a 100-pin TQFP package.
In addition to 16 to 24-bit data input word lengths and 192kHz sampling rates, the WM8740 from Wolfson also features a serial interface port, digital interpolation filter, multi-bit sigma delta modulator and stereo DAC encapsulated in a small 28-pin SSOP package.
In addition to the 56-ball VFBGA, the EZ-USB FX2LP is offered in 100- and 128-pin TQFP and 56-pin QFN and SSOP packages.
The new PIC16F639 microcontroller meets these needs by providing engineers with the three-channel low-frequency (LF) transponder analog front end, the KEELOQ cryptographic peripheral, nanoWatt Technology, and the power of a PIC microcontroller -- all in a small 20-pin SSOP package.
The new PIC microcontroller is available today for sampling in a 20-pin SSOP package, and volume production is expected in calendar Q3 2005.
All four PIC microcontrollers are available now for sampling and volume production in 20-pin PDIP, SOIC, SSOP and QFN packages.