SSORMStandard Ship's Organization & Regulation Manual
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Per SSORM, article 3102, painting of interior surfaces must be accomplished in accordance with article 4-3.2.6 of the Atmosphere Control Manual and OPNAVINST 5100.19E Chapter D12.
The statement "The electrical safety checks for personal electrical/electronic equipment are not required." From OPNAVINST 5100.19E does not void the requirement from the NSTM or the SSORM. The bottom line is that all portable electrical equipment, including personal equipment is required to be inspected, tested and tagged by electrical division prior to use onboard the sub.
The SSORM requires wearing chemical goggles any time a cell is open.
According to the SSORM, OPNAVINST 5500.19D and NSTM 077, the bridge and flying bridge are separate entities of the sail when working in them.
There is are several documents that give the requirements for working with battery electrolyte: the SSORM, OSHA regulations, MSDS, NSTM 223, NSTM 670, PMS maintenance requirements, and OPNAVINST 5100.19D.
If you do this with PMS, what other written procedures don't you read (e.g., SOPs, SSORM, CO standing orders, RPMs)?