SSP1Supply Scheme Phase 1
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The official said the SSP1 would have two SPs (SP1 and SP2) under his command and each SP would manage four each circles.
000 Table 5 CITC Item Purification results for Supply Chain Management Practices Supply Chain Management Practices (SCMP) Item Code CITC Cronbach's CITC Cronbach's Initial Alpha-- Final Alpha-- Initial Final SSP1 0.
We sell a jerry can of 20 litres for SSP1,800, which we normally buy from Mombasa at a black-market price then transport it to South Sudan.
For us, we sell a jerry can at SSP1,300 or SSP1,400, but the gas stations sell it at SSP1,900.
When we look at the report that came from Duk police and CID officers, the money was in dollars, and it could be more than SSP1.
According to the ex-director general in the local government ministry, Bashir Deng, now the secretary general in the new western Bieh state, SSP1.
A former minister separately claimed the caretaker governor had cut SSP1.
1 million, Lakes state received SSP1 million, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state got SSP 722,000 while Jonglei state obtained SSP 163,000.
The most reliable and lucrative source of public funds within the state, raising SSP1.