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SSPESubacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis
SSPESun Sports and Entertainment, Inc. (Addison, TX)
SSPESimple Security Policy Editor (distributed firewall with a central ASCII administration)
SSPESource Synchronous Pin Electronics (device to test synchronous parallel differential high-speed buses)
SSPEState Scientific-Production Enterprise (Ukraine)
SSPESplit-Step Parabolic Equation
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There is no cure for SSPE, and the only way to prevent it is to vaccinate everyone against measles," the release stated.
El plan es que el tratamiento a los pacientes sea integral, con involucramiento de medicos que se focalicen en la atencion particular de cada interno y el involucramiento de los familiares en su atencion, senala la SSPE.
A diagnosis of SSPE, stage two, was made and the child was initiated on carbamazepine and isoprinosine.
The patient's clinical characteristics, typical EEG pattern, and elevated CSF measles antibody level are all consistent with SSPE (1,2), a progressive neurodegenerative disease associated with persistent measles virus infection in the central nervous system caused by aberrant viral gene expression.
A recent report from the California Department of Public Health determined that SSPE occurs in one of every 1,367 cases of measles in children under five years of age, and in one in every 609 children under age 12 at the time of the measles.
To test the reliability of the SSPE, we calculated interrater reliability and internal consistency.
Bir yasin altinda gecirilmis kizamik enfeksiyonu, bes yasinda kizamik geciren olgulara gore SSPE riskini 16 kat arttirmaktadir.
Ilerleyici davranis bozukluklari ve miyoklonik jerk gibi tipik olmayan bulgularla basvuran hastalarda SSPE gibi ek hastaliklarin dusunulmesi onemlidir.
He was diagnosed with the degenerative brain disorder SSPE after he began to act oddly and have bizarre mood swings at the age of 16.
Leigh, of Wombwell, Barnsley, was diagnosed with SSPE (sub-acute sclerosing panencephalitis) three years ago.
The microarrays were stained with streptavidin phycoerythrin (Molecular Probes, Eugene, OR, USA), washed again with 6x SSPE, stained with biotinylated antistreptavidin IgG followed by streptavidin phycoerythrin, and washed a third time with 6x SSPE.