SSPGSteady-State Photocarrier Grating (physics)
SSPGSolicitor Sole Practitioners Group (UK)
SSPGStorage Software Platform Group
SSPGSteady-State Plasma Glucose Response (diabetes research)
SSPGStudent Surveys Planning Group (various universities)
SSPGSnake Skin Pattern Gastropathy (gastroenterology)
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2, A and B compare results when insulin secretory function, as estimated from HOMA-[beta], is related to the coexisting degree of insulin resistance, as estimated by either HOMA-IR or SSPG concentration.
Given the discrepancy between evaluations of insulin secretory function when viewed in relationship to the 2 methods for estimating insulin action, we were interested in what would happen if the total day-long insulin response to test mixed meals (insulin AUC) were viewed in the context of the HOMA-IR and SSPG concentration.
For example, discordant findings are observed when insulin secretory function, as assessed by HOMA-/, is considered in light of 2 different estimates of insulin action, HOMA-IR or SSPG concentration.
In contrast, the relationship between SSPG concentration and HOMA-[beta] indicates that, in these same patients, increases in insulin secretory function do not effectively compensate for increasing degrees of insulin resistance.
Other than the SSPG, homeostasis model assessment was also used to estimate insulin resistance (HOMA-IR).
Therefore, we only put the SSPG but not these variables into the model.
The BMI, WHR, FPG, 2 h glucose levels post challenge, SSPG and TG were lowest and HDLC was the highest in N group.
These dimensions were interpreted as (i) "blood pressure" dimension, loading with mainly SBP and DBP, (ii) "insulin resistance" dimension, loading mainly with SSPG, and (iii) "adiposity/glucose "dimension loading with TG, WHR or FPG.
Market acceptance for SSPG products enabled us to more than double our sales in the last year, and we believe a similar opportunity continues to exist," said van Cuylenburg.
We are pleased to bring Bob on to manage the high growth that SSPG is experiencing as a result of the increasing market acceptance of the DLT(TM) product," said Gina Bornino, Quantum vice president and general manager of the Specialty Storage Products Group.
Additionally, Linda's knowledge of the various aspects of working effectively with customers -- from technical support to manufacturing and marketing products -- will be beneficial to Quantum's SSPG division.