SSPISecurity Support Provider Interface (Microsoft)
SSPISecurity Support Provider Interface
SSPISecurity Service Provider Interface
SSPISociety of Satellite Professionals International
SSPISecurity Service Provider Interface (Microsoft)
SSPISteady-State Plasma Insulin
SSPIService de Salubrité et Prévention Incendie (French: Department of Safety and Fire Prevention; Switzerland)
SSPISigns and Symptoms of Psychotic Illness (rating scale)
SSPISalle de Soins Post-Interventionnels (French: Post-Interventional Room Care; recovery room)
SSPISoldier Sensor/Platform Interface (ITT)
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Van den Driessche will work closely with board Chairman David Myers, President of the communications sector for Peraton, to extend the growth of SSPI's membership beyond traditional GEO communications into LEO, MEO, earth observation, optical communications and into a new era of the space economy, with a more global footprint.
Harabin and Scaronef#269ovi#269 followed with 265,180 and 125,013 interactions, respectively, the analysis by STRATPOL and SSPI shows.
In contrast, those free to travel would see the term 'no obstruction' show on the SSPI.
Fifteen commercial samples were screened using this developed assay, and each of the PCR products obtained was extracted and purified separately and then digested by the restriction enzyme SspI.
In the posttest questionnaire, the participants' political interest was measured through the five items of Otto and Bacherle's (2011) Short Scale Political Interest (SSPI).
Abu Dhabi: Tejar Dubai, an initiative of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recently launched SWOT Specialised Professional Institute (SSPI), a new training institute in Dubai's Garhoud area which specialisies in aviation, logistics, and cargo safety.
Evaluacion de comportamiento nocturno en bovinos en un sistema silvopastoril intensivo (SSPi).
Agroforesteria Pecuaria y Sistemas Silvopastoriles Intensivos (SSPi) para la adaptacion ganadera al cambio climatico con sostenibilidad.
En el caso del matarraton, los costos asociados con la cosecha y el secado deben ser abolidos, y su incorporacion en la dieta debe limitarse al ramoneo, a partir de bancos de proteina o sistemas silvopastoriles intensivos (SSPi).
The event is being organised by Medyacity, and has received the support of Global VSAT Forum (GVF) and The Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) which will drive participation and ensure the success of the show.
tolerance index (TOL), mean productivity (MP), harmonic mean (HM), stress susceptibility index (SSI), geometric mean productivity (GMP), stress tolerance index (STI), yield index (YI), yield stability index (YSI), low nitrogen tolerance index (LNTI), nitrogen stress index (NSI), nitrogen index (NI), stress susceptibility percentage index (SSPI), modified stress tolerance index (MSTI= K1STI and K2STI), relative nitrogen index (RNI) were computed based on grain yield of each genotype under stress (N0) and non-stress (N+) conditions.
Kekecoglu (2009) reported that different honeybee population existed in Yigilca province (Duzce) in Western Black Sea Region of Turkey based on both SspI resitriction polymorphism of COI gene segment of mtDNA and Principal Component analysis of the cordinates of 18 landmarks.