SSPISecurity Support Provider Interface (Microsoft)
SSPISociety of Satellite Professionals International
SSPISecurity Service Provider Interface (Microsoft)
SSPISteady-State Plasma Insulin
SSPISigns and Symptoms of Psychotic Illness (rating scale)
SSPISalle de Soins Post-Interventionnels (French: Post-Interventional Room Care; recovery room)
SSPISoldier Sensor/Platform Interface (ITT)
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With the support of GVF and SSPI, we will be able to reach the global industry and global sector professionals.
SSPI has substantial experience operating a network of satellite professionals and producing events, and is supported by 3800 members and more than 600 name-brand companies worldwide.
Recommendation: To strengthen DOD's management of its SSPI efforts, the Secretary of Defense should direct the ASD(NII)/CIO and the USD(AT&L), in concert with the military departments and defense agencies, to jointly develop a DOD-wide strategic plan, and supporting organizational component plans, for ensuring that all of the requirements in section 804 of the 2003 NDAA, as well as relevant SEI guidance, are fully implemented.
With chapters in the Americas, Europe and Asia, SSPI works to attract new talent to the industry, helps satellite professionals advance in their careers, works to increase the professional standing of members and honors extraordinary achievement by satellite professionals and the companies they work for.
Sales growth is a key focus for SSPI and this partnership with McMurdo Ltd seeks to expand into the growing American market.
Tenders are invited for Open request for proposals for the right to enter into an Agreement for service maintenance PTK UTM SSPI "M2 Channel" (mechanics and communication systems) PJSC "Krasnoyarsk HPP.
The new building will consolidate the operating room 21 rooms, the SSPI and 85 critical care beds from the property.
Tenders are invited for Works on modernization of the system for the collection and transfer of information (SSPI) through the introduction of advanced equipment and the use of equipment and apparatus based on digital technologies, in accordance with the approved program of modernization of the SSPI.
Works contract in 19 lots and three phases of work (distribution phase in brackets following RC forthcoming) for the construction, development or restructuring of hospital services including a helipad with round trays and logistics vertical connection, hosting, operating / (general emergency UHCD, HDJ, pharmacy, logistics - mortuary, home, social service, admission, and financial service DIM) and SIPO block SSPI and more services, the contour of the VRD project and the external insulation of facades (exact detail according RC forthcoming).
Tenders are invited for Modernization of the information technology systems of "Stavropol%energo" through the introduction of advanced equipment and the use of equipment and apparatus based on digital technologies-the 2-nd stage in accordance with the programme of modernization of the SSPI on substation Novo-Nevinnomyssk "," East "," Gracevskaa "," Prikubanskaya "," Western "," Factory FS, FS, FS Beke evskaa "," PS "," Suvorovsky White coal "," Borgustan "," STS "," Promkompleks "," North "," Zelenokumskaa "
Supply, installation and commissioning of respirators type resuscitation (adult and pediatric) and humidifiers for SSPI and intensive care services for cardiac surgery and cardiology intensive care at the regional University Hospital Centre of Besancon.