SSPPSystem Safety Program Plan
SSPPSaints Peter and Paul school (Easton, Maryland)
SSPPSociety for Service Professionals in Printing
SSPPSustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy
SSPPShuttle Small Payloads Project
SSPPSolar Stellar Pointing Platform
SSPPSiamsinpawlpi (India, students' welfare association)
SSPPShuttle Small Payload Project
SSPPSociety for the Study of Process Philosophies
SSPPSonicWALL Simple Provisioning Protocol
SSPPSea to Sky Premier Properties
SSPPSpace Station Program Participant
SSPPStrategic Sustainable Partnership Program
SSPPSystems Security Program Plan
SSPPSite-Specific Propagation Prediction
SSPPSociety of Saints Peter and Paul (UK)
SSPPStudy Services Provider Portal (website)
SSPPSpecial Subdivision Project Provision (Hawaii)
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So far, the SSPP has arrested more than 100 people on drug-related crimes since it began its latest campaign, Sai Hsu said.
However, the technique did not explicitly address the SSPP problem and its performance is decreased significantly when the training samples per class are relatively small due to difficulties for preserving the topological structures in low-dimensional feature space.
Sai Seng Thein, the administrator of Wein Nang village in Namtu, said hostilities began on 4 May when the SSPP and TNLA forces clashed, causing two civilian injuries due to artillery fire.
SSPP will also introduce a gender and child sensitive expanded public works (ePW) model to provide more accessible jobs to those ineligible for DS but still with labor constraints, including caring for young children.
Later, SSPP FR became a popular research topic at the beginning of the 21st century.
This paper argues that the case of the South Stream Pipeline Project (SSPP) epitomizes the geoeconomics power politics involved in the energy relations between the EU and Russia.
In 2006, Aviva and the company formed SSPP as a 50-50 joint venture to hold and develop the land and buildings of Shepperton Studios under a 999 year lease and to underlet it to Shepperton Studios Ltd for 20 years.
The event is organised annually by the Siamsin Pawlpi (SSPP), a popular students' welfare organization looking after the welfare of the Paite Community, across India and abroad.
si bien, en el espanol peninsular, no se combinan con SSPP:
The DoD's Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) was implemented by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD[AT&L]).
Bosque y Gutierrez-Rexach realizan una observacion sobre las modificaciones que pueden realizar los sintagmas preposicionales (SSPP) que aporta al criterio de delimitacion o medicion de un argumento.