SSPRStructural, Syntactic and Statistical Pattern Recognition
SSPRS&S Public Relations, Inc
SSPRSelf-Service Password Reset
SSPRStructural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition
SSPRScottish Society for Psychical Research
SSPRSystem Selection for Preferred Roaming
SSPRSingle Sign-On Password Reset (Oracle)
SSPRSouth Sound Paranormal Research (Tacoma, WA)
SSPRSuccess Strategy Performance Review (Austin, TX)
SSPRService de Sécurité Auprès du Palais Royal (Brussels, Belgium)
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As one of the nation's most recognized high-technology and consumer-technology media relations firms, SSPR will work with GigOptix to increase visibility of its broad technology portfolio for the digital communications world.
Consumers and organizations have a insatiabledemand for data and information, and GigOptix is poised to provide the technologies and products that supply this surging demand," said Steve Mnich, SSPR San Francisco managing director.
It also became clear to us, as we reviewed different PR firms, that SSPR could clearly communicate the goals and direction which make Smart For Life[TM] totally unique," said Dr.
Smart for Life[TM] is an ideal brand from a PR perspective--it's unique, healthy, and is based on an all natural meal replacement," said Steve Simon, CEO and founder of SSPR.
SSPR has experience with a vast array of technology and media companies and also served as the agency of record for one of the largest daily coupon sites in the world.
As one of the top media relations firms with a strong focus on clients operating in the digital advertising space, SSPR will collaborate with iSIGN to increase the visibility of its multiplatform advertising solutions and broaden communication about its ability to deliver engaging, rich media, permission-based messages to consumers.
CONTACT: Belinda Banks of SSPR, +1-609-750-9110, belinda@sspr.
To date, some of the largest deployments of v-GO SSPR are in the government, healthcare and financial sectors, and include both new and existing customers to Passlogix.
Customers are embracing the complementary nature of v-GO SSPR with Passlogix's v-GO Platform to further strengthen their security policies, and that is driving us to reach a very proud result of 250,000 seats in a short time.
By mirroring what actually occurs at the helpdesk, where IT staff continually asks questions until, in totality, the users' answers indicate that they are who they claim to be, v-GO SSPR uses the same flexibility to avoid false rejections or the possibility of being fooled by social engineering attempts to penetrate a system.
The technology in v-GO SSPR allows users the unparalleled ability to enroll and reset passwords autonomously, in a matter of minutes," said Marc Boroditsky president and CEO of Passlogix.